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Yoga Teacher Trainings

Sharing the light & wisdom of yoga and spirituality. We offer RYT-200, RYT-300 Mystical Yoga teacher trainings and SYI 800-hour Facilitator Training program.

Mystical Yoga Farm

Our home in Guatemala is a spiritual community located on Lake Atitlan, in Central Guatemala. It focuses on self-transformation and ecological sustainability.

Sacred World Locations

We offer courses worldwide, from the Sacred Valley in Peru, to the Costa Rica coast, the historic Greece, and serene mountain forest near Yosemite.

A Registered Yoga School

Our trainings are recognized globally.

SYI Trained Facilitators

All of the courses are facilitated by spiritual Yoga Teachers who have followed the SYI path

A Top Destination!

The teacher training program at the Mystical Yoga Retreat Center near Yosemite has been named the top Yoga Teacher Training destination by YOGANONYMOUS!

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Universe of Personal Transformation

The Lake of Emotion

The essence of the lake holds our truest secrets Peacefully bellowing the songs of my emotions The sweet sounds of the gentle waves, Tranquilly crashing against the lifeless, yet spiritful trees. Slowly the lake rises,  Covering up old foundations. These buildings that I once built, Now hide amidst the water, Encouraging me to reconstruct new habits Above the rising tide. If I neglect my feelings, the water grows dormant. Stagnant water becomes a swamp. But when I embrace the watery essense of my true emotions, Then I flow smoothly with intention. Sometimes boats cruise through my inner lake. Signifying people or situations in my life. These circumstantial boats can cause an uproar in my flow. But these vessels are crucial in allowing people space to get where they are going. Once the ships have passed I become still in the night The surface reflects the light Pueblos of the people, Nations of the stars. These illuminations represent the outside world. The surface creates reflection, of that which dwells upon my perception. Deep beneath these lies hidden dimensions, I dive deep into the sea of my consciousness, Only to discover a hidden world! A vast Universe seemingly secretive, Sounds and sensations. Herein rests the Truth! Of who I am within, beyond my identity Awakening my EyE dentity Stepping into my destiny....

Full Moon in Gemini: Saturn Neptune Square

Greetings from India! I just arrived at the ashram I will be staying in for the next month. I am here to study Paranayama with my teacher OP Tiwari, a renowned master of the yogic breath. I come to deepen my practice and I will leave fully certified to teach Paranayama. Upon arriving, I was told this would be the last teacher training her will ever give. TiwariJi at an old age, will not be giving the courses anymore. When I heard this, a huge rush of realization went through my body. It took me so much to get here. I just knew I had to come at this time. My intuition affirmed sent a chill through my body and soothed my heart with gratitude. The feeling of doing something because I knew I had to. Realizing it was my last chance after arriving. Feeling grateful to be here. Happy thanksgiving from Kaivalya Dham ashram in India. I arrived just before the full moon. Just now getting time to write. I can feel the energy of the moon’s fullness as we practice. The yogic breath opens you up to these planetary energies like nothing else. As everything is energy and vibrations, Pranayama helps tune you in to these cosmic vibrations. The full moon is in the sign of Gemini, the sign of variations. Gemini is most free spirit energy of the astrological archetypes. Gemini is the trickster, youthful, playful, free electron sign. Gemini is the eternal youth, variety seeker. There are more ways to describe this archetype than any other sign. Here are a few of the main one’s...

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“At the fire ceremony on the first night, I think we all realized that this experience was going to be much more than learning how to teach yoga.”

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