Overview of Yoga Teacher Training Course

Yoga Teacher Trainings

Sharing the light & wisdom of yoga and spirituality. We offer RYT-200, RYT-300 Mystical Yoga teacher trainings and SYI 800-hour Facilitator Training program.

Mystical Yoga Farm

Our home in Guatemala is a spiritual community located on Lake Atitlan, in Central Guatemala. It focuses on self-transformation and ecological sustainability.

Sacred World Locations

We offer courses worldwide, from the Sacred Valley in Peru, to the Costa Rica coast, the historic Greece, and serene mountain forest near Yosemite.

A Registered Yoga School

Our trainings are recognized globally.

SYI Trained Facilitators

All of the courses are facilitated by spiritual Yoga Teachers who have followed the SYI path

A Top Destination!

The teacher training program at the Mystical Yoga Retreat Center near Yosemite has been named the top Yoga Teacher Training destination by YOGANONYMOUS!

Upcoming Teacher Trainings

RYT 200 Peru July

Sach’a Munay Yoga Retreat Center
Sacred Valley, Peru
June 26-July 16, 2016

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SYI Blog

What’s happening in the

Universe of Personal Transformation

Hannah Donovan – SYI Graduate Guatemala 2016

I didn’t think that three weeks would be enough time to reverse all of the damage that negative thoughts and living in a stressful city did to me. I didn’t think I would fit in. I was thinking too much. But as soon as I stepped onto the dock at the Mystical Yoga Farm, my mind stopped running and I felt at peace. I was a feeling being once again. I cried a lot, but I laughed a lot too. I sang and I sweat and I played and I sat in stillness. I was quiet and observant at times but I was also completely myself and open and vulnerable. Most importantly, I was present. Of course thoughts of New York and getting back to “real life” bubbled up, but it was almost impossible to dwell on such things when I was surrounded by immense beauty: the volcanoes, Lago Atitlan, the lush greenery of the farm’s crops, the energy of my fellow teachers. I tried to drink in as much of it as I could. Three weeks went by way too quickly (I say this as I am already back in New York, wondering if it had all been some strange and wonderful dream). I miss mornings spent in Abuela as the sun came up and drenched us all while we rested in savasana. I miss mealtimes in the Rancho by candlelight, and singing every evening. I miss softly swinging in a hammock in the Shala and listening to the waves lap at the shore. I miss each and every one of the beautiful people I met, people who...

See what some of our recent graduates loved about their Yoga Teacher Training!

“At the fire ceremony on the first night, I think we all realized that this experience was going to be much more than learning how to teach yoga.”

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