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Prior to SYI I was in a transitional period in my life. Just turning 30 and being faced with many life changes and in a space where I was finally and authentically choosing myself. Choosing to take a leap of faith on myself something that I rarely did with fear being at the forefront of my mind.


I chose SYI because of a friend of mine who went through the program and the beauty of her experience. The solitude that she was able to obtain during her time at SYI and the progression of her yoga practice. Also, I was also very excited when I saw that they offered a scholarship for POC and thought that it was a perfect opportunity for me to take that chance on myself.


Because I began to think about my finances and whether or not I could afford it? Was it the right time for me to try to further my studies with yoga? Was I a good fit? All the things that spoke against my own greatness and my faith began to cloud my mind, and I chose to breathe and trust in my ancestors to guide me to what would be for me no matter the external circumstance. I walked away from this training with more trust in myself and what it is that I can bring to life through my gifts.

Being at SYI allowed me to leave fear at the airport and walk boldly, bravely, and fully into what was meant for me. So many things were unveiled for me which made room for me to explore and show up in this space freely and authentically.


With my certification I plan on traveling the world teaching yoga/trauma informed to women of color. In this life I plan to do many things right now. My focus currently is rebranding and developing my business Preserving Peace which is a a healing art collective of practitioners focused on sound healing, yoga, holistic wellness, and personal development in mind, body and soul 3 =1.


Preserving Peace is a way of life and a journey into self for self which ultimately provides healed people for a healed world. Offering retreats, sister circles, one on one sessions, and transformative creative expression spaces. I am also connecting back to my gifts creatively through my gift of singing and performing since being in Bali I have performed every week with so many beautiful and talented individuals.

I've also been creating spaces to teach yoga and practice sound healing since my training ended and that has been so indescribable in a way that I have been able to connect with so many phenomenal individuals on their yoga journey from beginners to 15+ years and doing so confidently and with grace. Empowering others to believe in their ability to heal and have more autonomy in their life through the life practice of yoga not just the asanas but the union of self.


My most beloved memory from SYI will forever be my phenomenal instructor Tessa and the many ways she empowered me to believe in myself, and the dynamic women I was able to connect with and learn and grow with. From the moments we were able to hold space for each other when being raw and vulnerable in our experience to the many nights we sang "Every little cell in my body is well" before enjoying dinner together.


Those women were God's gift and truly changed my life forever.



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