What To Expect On a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training


What To Expect On a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training

Depending on the participant’s career goals, the expectations when signing up for a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training may vary.

School Yoga Institute has been honored to offer Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2019. We have spent the last several years expanding our curriculum and content with the abundant new research and information emerging in the world of trauma.


As our human consciousness and awareness expands, terminology around trauma, somatics, embodiment, and nervous system education are becoming a part of our everyday vernacular. While it is exciting for this verbage to be spread amongst the masses, it also risks the potential of dilution or misinterpretation. Because of this, we feel it is important to provide our prospective students with an accurate depiction of what they can expect to learn and experience in one of our Trauma-Informed programs.

Our Trauma-Informed offerings differ greatly from our Mystical programs. While we still cover, revere, and honor Yogic history and the sacred nature of these ancient practices – this specific methodology serves as a more modern approach to Yogic pedagogy.


We view our trauma-informed curriculum as a bridge between western psychology and eastern philosophy. Because of this, we have participants interested in teaching Yoga in more traditional settings, as well as those who are looking to share Yoga in more alternative settings such as in therapy, hospitals, schools, prisons, addiction centers, domestic violence centers, etc.

Depending on the participant’s career goals, the expectations when signing up for a trauma-informed Yoga Teacher Training may vary.

Here is a breakdown of the primary take-aways from each offering!

Trauma-Informed 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is our most intensive and in-depth trauma-informed offering. Participants can expect to learn tangible and concrete techniques for teaching Yoga, Meditation, and Pranayama in any setting. Every aspect of the YTT curriculum is covered through a trauma-informed lens including the yoga sutras, yoga anatomy, as well as the art and technique of teaching yoga asana.

Trauma-Informed 30 or 50-Hour YACEP

This continuing education course is open to RYT-200 or Mental Health Professionals looking to develop a baseline understanding of why and how Yoga is an effective tool in Trauma recovery. We cover Yoga history and the Sutras through a trauma-informed lens, basic nervous system education and Polyvagal theory, as well as considerations for offering meditation, pranayama, and yoga asana to trauma survivors. Yoga teachers can expect to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how to use inclusive and invitational language and how to hold a space where folks can explore their experience as it is. Mental Health professionals can expect to link the necessity of body-based practices in therapeutic settings as well as subtle techniques to guide their clients out of their mind and back into the somatic experience in their body. Because this is a shorter program, it can be thought of as a more introductory course to amplify the work individuals are already doing either in the Yoga world or in therapeutic settings.

Embodied Joy 50-Hour Women’s Retreat

In this retreat-style offering, one can expect to take a deep dive into more sensitive topics pertaining specifically to what female-identifying individuals endure. This retreat is geared toward guiding women back to their bodies and back to themselves. While this offering is less focused on didactic lecture material, the foundation and facilitation is still led through a trauma-informed lens as participants are invited to explore slowing down, speaking vulnerably, and letting go of painful experiences that have been limiting them. Participants can expect to connect with like-minded women, indulge in self care practices and, if they choose, engage in shadow work exercises.

In all of our trauma-informed programs, we oscillate between self reflection and contemplation as well as professional development. We believe that the work we do on ourselves informs the work we are able to do with others. Yoga always requires an element of self inquiry — svadhyaya in sanskrit.

We believe that trauma-informed yoga is simply human-informed yoga because all of us will likely experience pain, heartbreak, loss, grief, longing, shock, loneliness and confusion at varying times and in varying degrees throughout our lives. How we process (or don’t) these emotional states that are part of being alive influences our capacity to stay embodied and present with the people we choose to work with.


There is an over reliance on intellectualization in our western culture. Somatic work, like trauma-informed yoga, reacquaints us with the intelligence that resides in our body. It slows us down enough to notice the fluctuations present in our physiology and nervous system so that we can reclaim and regain agency over how we feel. This allows us to ensure that we are not projecting or transferring anything unresolved onto the folks we work with.

Due to the sensitive subject matter covered on these programs around traumatic events, mental health, addiction, disordered eating, etc. we have created a more in-depth screening process to ensure participants are ready and supported for the journey that is a trauma-informed Yoga Teacher Training.


We advise our participants to have at least a baseline foundation of inner work as well as therapeutic outlets available outside of the program container if needed. We want to make it as clear as possible that these offerings are not a replacement for therapy. While there is time built in for reflection and exercises that contribute to inner revelation and contemplation, it is imperative that participants view the program as a professional endeavor and not a time to process or unpack personal trauma histories.

If you are interested in learning more about all things trauma-informed, you can contact us or schedule a call. We hope to meet you soon!


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Wherever you are on your journey as a yoga teacher, we're here to help! If we can support you in any way please contact us!



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