What To Expect From Your YTT 🧘


What To Expect From Your YTT 🧘

Pura Vida! Welcome to the happiest and most sustainable country on Earth!

Pura Vida - Pure life - is a way of life in Costa Rica. Known for its abundance of tropical lush green jungles, wildlife, intense volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. A Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training is the perfect setting to connect to the purity of life essence through an immersion in the abundance of Costa Rica’s beauty.


At School Yoga Institute we are passionate about facilitating soulful connections that allow our students to drop into an awareness of their own divine nature. As an organization, we are very selective about the locations where we choose to host our teacher training programs. The place you immerse yourself, the food that fuels you and the people whom you surround yourself with have the ability to influence change you crave in yourself. Costa Rica is known as the happiest and most sustainable country on Earth!


For us at SYI, Costa Rica has the potential to enhance the entire experience of your Yoga Teacher Training with its diverse culture, welcoming spirit and endless amounts of local fresh tropical produce.

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At any one of our gorgeous Costa Rica locations you’ll be deeply immersed in the bounty of Pacha Mama. If you have the time there’s plenty to explore.


The Mantra ‘Pura Vida’ echoes through the life of people here, the essence of living a pure life is pivotally Costa Rica’s cultural appeal. The easy going lifestyle is the perfect opportunity to discover the freedom within your heart, tap into the lightness of being and rediscover the truth of your passions.


During our Yoga Teacher Trainings we intentionally embrace the art of a yogic lifestyle through yogic purification techniques, self inquiry and connection to nature. Though teacher training can be an intense period of self discovery, taking this training immersed in Costa Rica’s rich culture also allows the opportunity to come back to the simplicity of being and living with a true heart.


Called to the wild? Costa Rica is a nature lover’s paradise! Costa Rica has only 0.03% of the world’s landmass, but is estimated to contain 5% of the world’s biodiversity making it one of the most biodiverse places on earth.

Costa Rica is home to a uniquely rich variety of flora and fauna and diverse wildlife including the three-toed sloth, red eyed tree frogs, white faced capuchin monkeys and the quetzal bird. A quarter of the land is made up of national parks and protected jungle where nature thrives.


Costa Rica offers a variety of landscapes, microclimates and something for everyone. Whether it is adventure, enjoying some of the best surfing, hiking epic cloud forests, volcanoes and rainforests or simply allowing nature to slip you into a deep state of relaxation that you are seeking, the path is sure to lead to a wildly wonderful experience.

food in COSTA RICA

It’s pretty safe to say at SYI we’re a team of foodies, nourishing our bodies and sustaining a yogic diet is one aspect of our training students particularly enjoy as this training gives them the opportunity to explore a vegan/ vegetarian diet possibly for the first time. In Costa Rica this is easy to do with the abundance of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables that fuel our training with an emphasis on the purification of mind, body and spirit.


All of our locations have a team of dedicated chefs who provide 3 soul-nourishing meals (and snacks!) a day, as much as possible we source local and organic produce and offer a mix of local and international dishes. With an abundance of tropical.


Most meals are served buffet-style. Breakfasts include fresh tropical fruits, smoothies, toasts, nut spreads, granola, beans, vegetables, and rice. You’ll be introduced to the flavors of Costa Rica with dishes such as Gallo Pinto, Casado, Arroz con Leche de coco (cocomilk rice pudding), Sopa Negra, Patacones (fried plantain served with guacamole). We cater to Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free diets.


If you have more specific dietary requirements please contact and we will do our best to accommodate.

ARRIVING IN costa rica

Flying internationally you’ll arrive at Juan Santamaría International Airport. From there you can take a pre-booked shuttle or short domestic flight to your YTT location. (see site specific page listings for full details)

Visa & Entry Requirements

Entering Costa Rica is typically a very easy and smooth process. For current entry requirements
visit the Costa Rica Government Website.


Spanish is the main language in Costa Rica. In many areas, English is quite common. Though locals are very friendly and are usually willing to help you along if you want to practice your Spanish!


The local currency in Costa Rican Colones. The exchange rate at time of writing is:


10,000 colones = $16,50.


Costa Rica has a tropical climate meaning it is warm all year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 72°F to 82°F. Costa Rica is a large and diverse country with varying weather patterns. While the temperature remains the same the rains and location are something to take into consideration when planning your trip.


Some of the best times to travel are December - April when the climate is more dry. June and July offer less heat and plenty of greenery as light showers keep things cool and lush. October - November is a great time to visit the Caribbean coast.

Getting around in COSTA RICA

Getting around in Costa Rica is best done by car or by domestic flights depending on where you’d like to travel. Taxis and shuttles are also relatively cheap so getting around is pretty accessible for forgein travelers, you could also take a trip on the chicken buses for a local experience. If you’re comfortable riding a bike you could also rent a scooter.

Wherever you are on your journey as a yoga teacher, we're here to help! If we can support you in any way please contact us!



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