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My experience As a Student – Anita Khauli

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I really wanted to learn how to teach yoga. I looked into teacher training in Vancouver but the timing didn’t work in my favor. I knew I would be leaving for Police training in July so I decided I wanted to take a long trip to Bali since I have always wanted to visit. As I started becoming more spiritual I felt a greater pull towards Bali. I was looking at some picture of Bali and I came across a picture of a sign with yoga teacher training info on it. I thought why not to yoga teacher training in Bali. That way I can live in Bali for a month and also get certified. I started googling schools in Bali.

School yoga institute was one of the first schools I came across. I gave up the idea of yoga teacher training for a little while but I kept getting drawn back to it and I knew it was my souls purpose to become a teacher. I came back to the idea but this time I started looking at other schools. There were some schools that were a little cheaper but something kept pulling me back to School Yoga Institute. It is a reputable school and has been around for over 20 years. In my mind nothing could beat that.

With two months until the training started I decided to register and luckily there was still room available. When I spoke to Jeanine over the phone I asked her a number of questions. When she asked about my story I got emotional and knew that I had to do this. Becoming certified as a yoga teacher was not the only thing I took away from this school. The spiritual healing that came along with it was an amazing plus.

I knew prior to going to Bali that I needed to heal my throat, heart and sacral chakras and that’s exactly what happened. I found my voice again. I was able to open up my heart and feel again. I found my creative edge again. I feel like this whole experience will help keep me grounded in my police training and I could possible teach yoga at my training and help my collogues find peace and be grounded. I never thought I would be able to take my yoga training into policing. Even after policing I would love to teach one on one private yoga sessions.

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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