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My experience as a Fiji Yoga Student – Clara Montobbio


Clara-Montobbio fiji 200 hour yoga teacher training review syiYoga Testimonial – Clara. Our Fiji Yoga Teacher Training Alumni

The last few weeks in Fiji have been magical in an unexpected way, and they have helped me embrace the duality of life; the light and the darkness.

I was coming into this training for myself; to enhance my practice and have a break from my hectic life in London. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the art of teaching and would want to provide magical safe spaces for others. The feeling after teaching a class is indescribable. You feel so accomplished, yet so humble, so in service of others, yet so in service of yourself. When you teach, you are not only a teacher, but you are also a student and over the past few weeks learning how to become a teacher, I’ve learned so much about myself.

A yoga teacher training can also be emotionally and mentally challenging, more than people might expect. During the training, you are prompted to face your own fears and shadows. It is not only a yoga teacher training, but also a journey of self-discovery and self-inquiry. What makes this training so unique is the Medicine Wheel. I absolutely loved the four different cycles and how they framed my self-discovery journey and helped me let go, become more aware of my mind patterns, savour the sweetness of life, and envision how I can manifest my dreams into reality. What was even more wonderful was all of the knowledge and wisdom about the Medicine Wheel and the Sutras that was delivered by Anita. Listening to Anita speak and deliver her classes was mind-blowing and made me so excited to continue learning more.

I felt so nurtured by my teachers during the training, and I truly appreciate all of the little things they did to put a smile on our face. I especially love all of the little things they gifted us with to build our altar back at home, so that I can come back to my magical experience in Fiji when I need to. Everything had so much intention and purpose. All of the ceremonies and afternoon activities were so beautifully interlinked, and it was truly a privilege to share all of these experience with other kind hearted women.

One of the most precious things I learned was the practice of gratitude, which Anita emphasised daily. “What are you grateful for today? Make gratitude a feeling, not just words. Having immense gratitude can help you appreciate the contrast in your life. Gratitude will lead you to surrender., Anita would say.

And after this training I am grateful for many things. I am grateful for all of the “Oms” and the “Shantis” because they made me feel connected to everyone else in the practice and myself.

I am grateful for waking up to practice every morning when the world was still asleep because it felt so beautiful to be able to experience the stillness of the world and the beauty of sunrise.

I am grateful for the wisdom, care, and generosity of my teachers because they have helped the teacher in me blossom and the student in me grow.

I am grateful for the cycles and energies of the Serpent, the Jaguar, the Hummingbird, and the Eagle because their medicine was just what I needed.

I am grateful for Anita’s beautiful teaching’s because they gave me glimpses of eternity.

I am grateful for all of the layers I was able to shed and the shadows I was able to face because it helped me grow and evolve.

I am grateful for our amazing view from the yoga shall because it felt so special to be able to practice with those views.

I am grateful for the stories shared when making vision boards one evening because it made me feel more united in the magic that is creating a life you love.

I am grateful for the sweet smiles of the Fijian people at Daku because it made me feel very welcome and safe.

I am grateful for the laughs and conversations shared at dinner with the never ending supply of rice and veggies because it was beautiful to discover and learn from everyone’s stories.

I am grateful for Toni’s smoked pumpkin coconut soup because it was delicious and was served with a big warm smile.

I am grateful for the beautiful green luscious surroundings because they filled my heart with light and joy.

I am grateful for the mesmerising sunsets because my heart was so filled with love. Their beauty was ineffable.

I am grateful for sleeping to the sound of the ocean waves because it was so soothing and nurturing.

I am grateful for my breath because it guided me to become who I am.

I am grateful for the chocolate from Koko Mana because it made me appreciate the sweetness of life.

I am grateful for essential oils because they made me feel so uplifted and grounded.

I am grateful for everything that I’ve learned about myself and yoga, and I am so excited about everything else there is to learn. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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