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My experience As a Student – Daisa Paqutte

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My journey leading up to this moment has been rich with twists and turns in discovering myself and my purpose here in this life. I grew up traveling and exploring different parts of the world, from living on a sailboat in the Mediterranean with my mother as a baby to spending my teenage years in Hawaii. The past four years of my life were spent hopping around the world living on different farms learning how to live sustainably and grow my own food. The initial quest to connect with the land and learn the mysterious and nurturing abundance of this earth lead me to a much deeper quest of connecting with myself and strengthening my connection to God, the innate knowing and wisdom I’ve had with me my whole life, the wisdom we all carry within and sometimes forget along the way. Yoga found me in many ways sporadically throughout my life and everytime it did it stuck for longer and longer each time, until the small seeds sprouted into me wanting to learn enough to be able to teach and share with others.

I chose SYI because of the feeling I had upon finding the school online, it just felt right and I knew I needed to be there. My hopes in this training were to expand my knowledge in Yoga and gain the clarity, faith and healing necessary to continue down my path as a healer.

The training with yoga teacher training Costa Rica provided me with a really nice base structure of information to start the seemingly infinite path of discovery in this ancient way of life and practice. There is an entire universe of knowledge to learn when it comes to the practice of Yoga and I look forward to continuing down this path thanks to the beautiful building blocks and strength SYI has provided me. I look forward to teaching my friends and family safe and proper asana practice and expanding out into private or studio classes. I am still at the beginning of piecing together a much bigger picture of healing work that I am embracing the unfolding of and know that the tools acquired through this program not only empower me and help make me a better being but allow me to share and spread the radiating light that has been enhanced by the time spent with such incredible teachers and healers. Being immersed in the raw wild jungle was exactly what I had hoped for, the healing power of mother nature and being surrounded by so much life and vibrant color brought so much peace and recalibration to an already healing practice.

The community and connection cultivated here is beyond words and will stay in a special place in my heart. The delicious food and hospitality here was top notch and I felt so spoiled! The ability to bring such luxury to such a natural outdoor setting was a very fine tuned balance and I could not have imagined a better place to experience so much expansion and growth!

I am so grateful and blessed for the amazing opportunity and experience had in this training, Thank you, with infinite love –  Daisa

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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