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My experience as a Peru Yoga Student – Daniela Fonseca


Yoga Testimonial - Daniela Our Peru Yoga Teacher Training AlumniYoga Testimonial – Daniela Our Peru Yoga Teacher Training Alumni

There are not enough words to describe my experience with SYI. Thank you!!! I joined SYI for a 200 hour teacher training in the Sacred Valley, Peru. My name is Daniela Fonseca, I’m 20 years old and currently studying human nutrition and dietetics in Costa Rica. I started my practice about two years from now. Since the moment I stepped into my mat it just felt right, as I continued my practice with different teachers, it became more appealing to me and I wanted to learn more. 

In the beginning, it was just me doing a pre-surf yoga workout that I found on Youtube, from here, I joined my grandparents in their yoga practice for elderly. Then, I started in a small studio where I had different teachers and each one planted a seed of knowledge in my path and all of them had one clear message: Manifest what you want, you have the power of deciding where you want to go. Presence, abundance, discipline, health, consciousness, awareness, TRUST, all this started to show in my journey as I flew with it after a period of constant struggle with myself. 

I was looking for an experience in which I could learn more about the history and philosophy of yoga. How do this practice started? What styles of yoga are practiced nowadays and where do that knowledge comes from? How does a yoga teacher sequence a class? How can I be more present and grounded in this physical plane? What is it that I want? Who am I? These where some of the questions that crossed and stayed in my mind. 

Eventually, I began searching for information or courses that will enlighten my path and this is how I founded SYI. I was planning to do my training in Costa Rica, but I didn’t want to loose a semester in college and thankfully the SYI family (specially Keri) helped me founded a YTT that I could do during my vacation. This is how I got to the sacred land where the Incas once where, a beautiful and stunning place, powerful energy from the ancestors and cold compared to Costa Rican tropical humid jungle climate. 

During 21 days, we were immersed into a yogic lifestyle, doing our daily practice at 6 am, eating consciously, good sleep and learning new things each day. Grounding, letting go, karma, dharma, anatomy, art of teaching & art of touch, history, philosophy, shamanism, ayurveda, sutras, life, death, among others. Lovely ceremonies (loved the cacao ones), Kirtan singing and sharing with beautiful people, Satsang, dance parties and lots of laughs. From serpent to jaguar, to hummingbird and finally eagle; we evolved to become more in touch with our true-selves, pure consciousness.

I want to say thanks to all my teachers but specially to those who were part of this experience. Ganapati, Isa and Krystalyn, you guys are awesome thank you for sharing your knowledge in different fields. Isa shared massage technique, meditation and asana adjustments, thank you for always being concern about how we were doing throughout the training. Ganapati with his wisdom in shamanism, asanas, sutras and instruments, thank you for teaching me some mantras with the guitar! Krystalyn, love your art, great cues and asana adjustments, anatomy, explanation of the digestive system and wisdom of words and communication (verbal and by experiencing). All of you are very special to me, I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet and share my path with you. And thank you all for being there to answer my questions. 

As our training comes close to the end, we had a class of reintegration, in which we discussed how we where gonna take and apply what we learned here into our lives. With this said, I decided to shredded my old skin and leave it behind, so now, there’s space for a new beginning. I took one question home: How am I going to stay in this peaceful place of presence, calmness, silence, abundance and awareness? 

It’s been a week after my training with SYI. I feel amazing and supported by the school. I’m back in my country, I go back to college next week and I’m currently teaching three groups now, joined a new studio to continue my practice and expanding my knowledge. Also meditation + Kirtan with my old tio. In this moment, I feel so grateful and blessed. Thank you again SYI for making this happened. 

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
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