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My experience as a Bali Yoga Student – Lenisa Ann Careaga

Yoga Testimonial - Lenisa. Our Bali Yoga Teacher Training Alumni

Yoga Testimonial – Lenisa. Our Bali Yoga Teacher Training Alumni

My journey in discovering the ultimate healing source has lead up to this moment: The moment I had finally discovered yoga. I wanted to learn more, knowing that every movement and posture such as asanas in this practice were not only beautiful, but also greatly benefit the body, the mind and our chakras. Choosing the best yoga school for me was important, knowing that I would be dedicating my life to this practice.

The School Yoga Institute provided an amazing experience that gave me the knowledge and wisdom I needed to grow in the art of yoga; and most importantly, I greatly admired their dedication to their students. I choose the Bali location because it was a place I’ve always wanted to go and I love the ocean. Staying in the resort near the beach I can hear the waves everyday that made my experience more peaceful. Not only that but on our days off from yoga school or having breaks between classes gave me a chance to go swimming! It was super fun coming to class after a nice swim in the ocean feeling refresh to learn.

I can sincerely say that the training that I had gone through changed my life. I wanted to discover more happiness added to my life, and found it. I learned to allow anything that does not contribute to happiness to leave life through practices such as kundalini. We did some practices that let us let go of anything that does not serve us. Journaling was encourage whenever we got a chance to reflect on what we have learned. It was a healing source for me to write my thoughts on paper. It gave me a chance to write about my dreams and to see my growth of what we were learning each day! We sang song during training at the beginning of each class that really brought joy to my heart.

I can see the world so differently, now that I understand how energy flows within us as we practice yoga and meditation. I lead this next chapter in life with more self-love, a new meaning of community, spiritual practice, self-discipline, a better understanding of good health of the body and mind.

The lessons I have learned here, are everlasting. Mastering the mind through meditation is something I was eager to understand and have found it incredibly enriching during this training. At first it was challenging but I learned its really about focusing on the breathe. There is other ways to meditate as well with music or some sort of audio guide. I also do now know how important it is to be grounded and to also focus on my root chakra. Even breathing is a delicate exercise to promote relaxation. Through this practice, I even discovered levels of imbalance in my life – some of which I wasn’t even aware of until I began my yoga practice; and now, fear is a thing of my past. I also had a lot of lower back pain before coming to yoga school. Doing yoga everyday made me feel so much better and I felt relief. I didn’t even notice the pain was gone until later because my mind was preoccupied with my practices and meditation.

The most exciting learning experience I had was shamanism, and having an out of body experience and discovering my spirit animal – the dragon. Knowing this now and having the ability to call out to my spirit animal has made me feel braver and stronger. Its something I have found about myself because of School Yoga Institute.

Everyday the food was so delicious with its vegan life style. I learned from another student from France how to be more mindful about how I eat. To take the time to smell and chew your food. Something so simple help used more of my senses and my mind was happy with the way I change how I ate. I felt more relaxed and each bite was more tasty than before. One of the best parts of training was the food because it was so different each day and I love eating the fruit! To eat the fresh fruit from the land truly open my mind. I never knew what passion fruit really look like before until I ate it in Bali. Having to eat clean during the training and practicing yoga made my mind feel less stress and my body felt lighter.

This experience has given me the confidence to be the healer in others’ lives and to share the happiness that truly flows in this world. I feel confident in guiding my students who need yoga in their own lives and to teach them that it is possible to practice on their own time. I feel so motivated and inspired to share that we all have yogi magic powers to implement in our daily practice and a tool to relieve all stress in life. I hope to also teach those who need one-on-one focus and to also share this happiness with those who have had a history of depression, like myself.

My life has lead me through very challenging times and has helped me become the person I am today and ultimately find The School Yoga Institute. As a survivor of domestic violence and depression, I hope to shed light to those with a similar history as mine. Empowering those who need the art of yoga most is a calling I plan to fulfill.

There are many roles that I embody: as a photographer, model, model instructor, pageant queen and professional mermaid; I am so proud to say that I am now a Yoga Instructor! I believe yoga is for everyone. It is a healing practice for life! I know that I can connect with many people and I am excited to change the lives of many! Namaste!

Light & Love,
Lenisa Ann Careaga

Instagram: @LenisaLove
Twitter: Lenisa Love

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