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My experience As a Student – Sarah Lucia

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student testimonial of SYI's yoga alliance approved 200 hour ytt teacher training in sacred valley, Peru

I started practicing yoga almost 10 years ago, a little bit on and off at first, but when I settled into a regular practice it was due to going through some rough times and without my practice, I’m not sure where I’d be in life. With the impact that yoga had had on my life and the passion I had for the practice I knew I wanted to be able to share with others but I needed to be in a better mental space, with time I was able to get myself to a healthier mental space enough to start teaching, so 3 years ago I took my first YTTC (from a different school) and began to teach.

Early on in my first 3+ years of teaching I opened and ran my own yoga studio named Beautiful Dream Yoga. I had a successful 2 year run before it came time for me to decide if I wanted to stay focused on the business side of things of continue my education and training focusing on my teaching. My passion for teaching and learning won out and I chose to close the studio at the 2 year mark and continue on with more trainings and furthering my teaching. I often get asked “couldn’t you do a training local and still do both?” the answer to that question was yes but the experience and deeper knowledge I have been able to acquire through the intensive trainings I had already done is immeasurable to anything. What you get from immersing yourself in another culture in a different part of the world, with students and facilitators from around the world is invaluable.

My belief that you should always continue to educate yourself on your passions and your work, led me to wanting to do another full YTTC, this time with more spiritual emphasis, which led me to find SYI. I had originally been planning to do a 300hr YTTC but as I read over the description for it numerous times and also read over the description for the 200 hr I felt I still had a bit to learn about the spiritual topics (the medicine wheel and shamanism) the training would cover.

With this being my second 200 hour yoga teacher training I was often asked why I wasn’t going for a 300 hr instead. My answer is simple, this training even just on paper was very different then the first one I did, though they both have been exceptional trainings in their own ways, I felt that to get the most out of a spiritual centered training I needed to start from the ground up and I’m happy I did. I never felt bored in the training, even with the information that I had previous knowledge and education on it was a nice refresher and presented in a new way as it was coming from instructors I haven’t been taught by before.

Coming into the SYI training I knew there was still some healing that I needed to do to break through to the next level of my teaching and this sort of training would help me do so and I was right. Through the process work we did I felt lighter and lighter, more at peace with myself and my past then I ever have. Feeling more confident in the person I am and the teaching I can offer.

I know I have a true tribe/family in SYI that I can count on for the rest of time. The deep connection that was made with my fellow YTTC students and our facilitators is unique, special and lasting. I look forward to one day attending a 300 hr training with SYI and seeing where my path leads.

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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