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Shamanic Yoga. Moving through the Medicine Wheel


Liberation. Reflection. Transformation. Freedom.


Shamanic Medicine Wheel


The word Yoga means ‘yoke’ or to unite in mind, body, heart, & soul. To walk the path of yoga is to look within and to recognise what is not in union and to take responsibility to action change. In the modern western world there has grown a disconnect in our innate human ability to connect to spirit, we often do not feel we have the necessary tools to establish change, at least that’s how I felt. I believed any disconnect I felt couldn’t possibly be an internal imbalance of spirit, rather it had to be something I could fix on an external level.

This modern state of disconnect has sought us to look back to the wisdoms of our ancestors and in this way the yogic path meets the ancient wisdom of the Shamanic Yoga Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel calls in ancient wisdoms of Peruvian Shamanic ancestors to guide our inner journey of healing, awakening, transformation and empowerment. Through the Shamanic Yoga Medicine Wheel we honour the human experience, and discover the ancient guidance that lives within us as a guide to fulfill our greatest purpose.


Shamanic Medicine Wheel


Embarking on my 200hr I had no prior knowledge of the Peruvian Medicine Wheel used by shamans for ages before me. I certainly had no idea of the journey that lay ahead yet within me I felt an ancient call, and a sacred search for peace, I felt the presence of wisdom within me waiting to be recognised and to be honoured. In journeying through the medicine wheel I discovered the living wisdom of these ancient guides within me, my search was no longer external but an internal discovery of myself.


Shamanic Yoga. Medicine Wheel: Level of the Serpent – Amaru

On this level I looked around me and saw all that was in my life that wasn’t serving me, I began to release the baggage of material objects, wants, desires and old habits. One skin I began shedding was my attachment to appearance, that my physical body in some way represented my worth. With the great Serpent as my guide I reconnected to my physical body in a whole new way, I saw my body as the vessel perfectly designed to connect my spirit to the material world. Through this reconnection I saw the abundant beauty of the world around me. I recognised that all I needed was perfectly provided, with the guidance of the Serpent I let go of wants and holdings to the physical realm that were limiting me and saw the beauty of what was.


Shamanic Medicine Wheel


Shamanic Yoga. Medicine Wheel:  Level of the Jaguar – Orotongo

Free and connected to Pachamama, I found space to turn inward. With the maternal guidance of Jaguar – Orotongo –  as my protector I started to examine my own learned beliefs; I heard the limitations I was putting on myself, the doubts of my own self worth, the second guessing of my soul’s voice. I entered the darkest shadows of my being and with the eyes of Jaguar I recognised my shadows and with her strength I chose to move beyond them. I learned to say ‘neti, neti’ – neither this, nor that, recognising my shadows I see the light of divine truth within.


Shamanic Yoga. Medicine Wheel: Level of the Hummingbird – Sewar Q’enti

Unburdened, and allowing myself to hear my truth. I began to understand how all that had been through my journey had purpose and had guided me as a teaching, a gift and an opportunity to grow. In entering into the spirit of the sweet hummingbird I saw the sweetness of the kaleidoscope of life. I felt the beauty in the deep riches of the human experience. Connected with the heart of Hummingbird – the wise wings of Sewar Q’enti – I remembered the joy, the lightness, the power of life. From this place I began to embrace the spirit of change.


Shamanic Medicine Wheel


Shamanic Yoga. Medicine Wheel: Level of the Eagle – Anka

Remembering divine the divine love that connects all beings, I was empowered by understanding how even the smallest act can affect the largest change. In it’s authentic power Eagle – Anka – showed me that all I owed this life was what was my own truth.  I began to see my place within the whole, I understood the oneness of being.  I knew now how I had the power to choose how I show up in this life, I saw how I had the power to lead by example, just like the great eagle I had the power to take flight.

This was my first recognition of the journey with my guides through the  Shamanic Yoga edicine Wheel then, but truly the wisdom of the medicine wheel is always present. It is a spiral with no beginning and no end. There is no final destination rather continual evolution. The Peruvian Medicine Wheel guides us deeper and deeper to a recognition and understanding of ourselves. In recognising where we are we can embrace the wisdoms of our ancient guides to support our journey.





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