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Alyssa Testimonial – Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

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I began practicing yoga when I was eleven, starting out with the early 90’s VHS tapes. Becoming a yoga teacher was something on my bucket list for years. And then life happens and Yoga eacher Training was put on the backburner.

Fast forward some years, a college degree, marriage, kids, numerous jobs… life was flying by me and while there are an abundance of joyful memories and experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything, I did find myself questioning who I was, who I was becoming, and did I like the trajectory of my life? I think these questions naturally come up as you get older and accumulate more and more experiences. And these questions definitely came up more after becoming a mom and taking care of humans other than myself. I found myself feeling left behind – I had left myself behind while life passed me by.

In 2019 I was ready to intentionally shift focus back on myself. I craved it. I craved to get to know myself deeper, to meet others and connect with others who were like-minded, who I could learn and grow from. While my yoga practice had become essentially non-existent, I immediately knew I wanted to complete a YTT. Call it an inner guidance. I began searching for programs near me, but also ones that were unique. When I came across School Yoga Institute, immediately I knew this program was the one I wanted to receive my Yoga Teacher Training.

While the sacred locations were an obvious draw, I was more drawn to the inclusion of shamanism and shamanic practices, the focus of deep inner healing and soul work, in addition to learning more deeply about yoga, and not just a focus on asanas.

yoga teacher more than a practice

I can say now with such a full heart that School Yoga Institute and my incredible facilitators, Colynn & Nichole, exceeded all of my initial expectations and hopes. My Yoga Teacher Training was magical. Colynn & Nichole were so intentional throughout the entire process, they offered two unique perspectives that were so helpful in my development of a more rounded and inclusive experience. And most importantly for me: I began to heal, and to identify why I’ve felt so lost and unsure of myself over the last few years. And I ultimately felt empowered. I remembered my uniqueness, what I value most, and the power I have within me. I was never lost. I just needed to remember.










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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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