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My experience As an Online Yoga Student – Nicole

Yoga Testimonial - Nicole. My experience as an Online Yoga StudentYoga Testimonial – Nicole. Our Online Yoga Teacher Training Alumni

I decided at the mere age of 5 to devote my life to the arts and pursue musical theatre. Then the pandemic hit- and 30 years into my life plan, a huge boulder completely blocked my future as I knew it.

My passion for fitness emerged in my 20s when my need to perform with stamina and strength significantly increased, but it all started as a hobby. I started teaching barre in addition to dancing, and before I knew it I was a part time fitness instructor bouncing between different boutique studios in the area. Performing in musicals and teaching fitness professionally have a multitude of similarities, but in my classes, I found a stronger connection to who I am at my core, and that was something worth pursuing.

When my Father passed in December of 2020, I realized I wanted to change the world for the better through my openness and innate ability to connect deeply with complete strangers, but I had no idea where to begin.

I chose SYI because I felt passion on the pages of the internet. I could tell that this company had a lot of heart and a lot of love behind it, and that was something I was genuinely interested in. I also loved that the course sounded so complete- with an anatomy course included and multiple different areas to study while pursuing my yoga certification. Thankfully, my intuition was spot on. The course was full of ways to enrich your life through yoga and the practices of yoga on and off the mat. My instructor Inka told us a beautiful story one day about how it we always ask ourselves “what is my deepest excitement” we will never walk down the wrong path. It was stories and moments like that when I knew I was in the right place.

With my 200 hour teacher certification, I plan to become a yoga teacher! I feel very fortunate to have a new style of fitness to teach that feels gentle on my body and my soul and I am eager to share that with my students. I realized in this course that I have many talents that I want to share with the world and I want my classes to be a safe space for people of all kinds to find their truth. That is something I was gifted with in this course and I want to share that new found confidence with my students.

The community we created in such a short spam of time online really was the most remarkable takeaway from the experience. I felt support every single day not just in my practice, but in my life. I felt safe enough to open up and share my story and I was able to learn things I didn’t even realize through the openness of those around me. We created so many special moments because we were willing to be present and honest, and that is something I will never forget.

I really want to create that open space in my community. I think sometimes we think of yoga and we begin to imagine the commercialized version of what yoga has materialized into. I want to take things back to the essence of yoga creating a space for people to find their own and own what they find. My training at SYI showed me that yoga is a lifestyle full of honoring your truth. I feel so fortunate to know my truth now and I finally feel confident enough to honor and share it.










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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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