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Sound, scent, scenery, script – a sensory spectacular evolving within my consciousness as my mind transforms my experience into perception, and converts that into memory – an imprint in my brain. On my heart.Today is a beautiful day to be alive, every moment is a new opportunity for growth, trust your breath, I am enough. Embodying these mantras daily makes me come alive. I chose a 200hr intensive yoga teacher training program with School Yoga Institute to get grounded in greatness, open to opportunity, and become more aware of this inner power – my breath – which has sustained me through thick and thin.

My emotions are my superpower – may I use them to tell this story of transformation, truth, and trust. Yoga has helped me find and follow my breath, allowing me to flow through anger, grief, fear, joy, bliss, and pain – all feelings I experienced during my 21 days of training.

School Yoga Institute came to me through the magic of the internet. Thanks to years of Yoga with Adriene, moon cycle, medicine wheel, Yoga Journal, and holistic healer Google searches – the algorithms finally aligned and brought some well-targeted ads my way. I must say, the world wide web gets me because SYI and the Mystical Yoga Farm were both a reflection of my decade-old desire to declare my dharma as a yoga teacher and set out on a grand adventure.

The SYI programs spoke to me through their opportunity to travel to sacred locations on a solo sojourn. I loved the idea of being able to set aside my fear, self-doubt, and busy schedule. I wanted to dive into what had been begging to be explored more deeply for over a third of my life. My breath. The mind body connection and peaceful power that comes from tuning into, and trusting the life-giving, love-bringing, humanity-healing power of breath. It became clear when I followed the chipcrumbs (as I say) that SYI was my school. The signs were undeniable, and I’m grateful for the humans that were a part of the symphony that ensued.

I was called to the lake – the Mystical Yoga Farm on Lake Atitlán – to learn more about the Mayan Medicine Wheel and how it can be used as a tool for healing and growth. I also wanted to participate in a self-sustaining, off-grid, zero-waste community. If you’re looking to explore your inner Goddess and disconnect to reconnect, the farm is the place. Breathe in its magic. Be in its bounty. Let the mystical powers of the lake heal and transform you, the heat of the temazcal renew you, and the cacao ceremonies and ecstatic dance open your heart to your uniquely powerful purpose.

Balance. The Medicine Wheel brought balance to my being by taking me on an inner journey, offering the four cycles as my guide. The Serpent, earth element and wind of the south, taught me to ground myself in who I truly am, shedding light on my darkest shadows, letting go of what no longer serves me. Jaguar, the wind of the west and water element, allowed me to step beyond the perception of my mind and emotion, and reminded me we are more than our patterns. To have courage. Flitting through the air element with Hummingbird, wind of the north: breathe in beauty, find your light, and uncover your authentic gifts. Sip in your sweetness, and sing out the song of your soul! Soar like an Eagle to the final cycle – fire, to the east. You are your own Great Spirit. Expand your perception and become ever-present, seeing the oneness in all of existence. Trust your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality.

Our breath is a tool for change. A tool for growth. A tool to release shame and forgive – ourselves and our fellow humans, and remember we’re all in this together – we are all one. We need oneness biologically. Our humanity needs togetherness – community. There is unity in community. I will lead by example in order to empower others to love themselves. Lead with love in all you do. Know that it begins within. Ask yourself challenging questions. Hold yourself accountable to your own happiness and well-being. Be vulnerable. Let down your armor. Open your heart to the possibilities within, and let your light shine.

Some experiences ask questions. Some give answers. Others teach you lessons. Some do all three, set your soul on fire, and enable you to share the gift of yoga with others. I’ve found my voice among the flowers and trees with the love and guidance of my SYItribe and Mystical Yoga Farm fam. I trust there will be many more magical moments.

I look forward to sharing my light through community classes and plant medicine ceremonies near and far! As a self-proclaimed environmentalist and #yogasavedmylife peaceful warrior, my dream is to open a plant medicine farm, trauma informed yoga community, and artists’ workshop on my family land in da UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan, eh!). Completing my first 200hr YTT program with School Yoga Institute gets me one step closer to that dream.

Love and light fellow humans. Stay curious and create adventures.Namaste,Carly@AllReiledUP | #AllReiledUPyogaforpeace | FB – Carly Reil 



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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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