Welcome to our Yoga Scholarship Program.

Over the past 18+ years, we have awarded over $25,000.00 per year in scholarships.

Thank you for your interest in attending a yoga teacher training with School Yoga Institute! We are so honored to have you join us on this epic journey together to discover, explore, and experiment with the beauty and wisdom of ancient yoga and spiritual practice.


It is our intention to use our yoga scholarship program to offer opportunities to those who would otherwise not be able to attend a YTT program and to make our offerings accessible to everyone who feels called towards this path. We offer larger scholarships for BIPOC individuals & members of marginalized communities in an effort to diversify the spaces we host and play our part in ensuring all voices are heard in the yoga community.


We offer different opportunities to get involved in the scholarship exchange depending on the experiences and special skills of each unique applicant. For each of our offerings, 3 customized exchange yoga scholarships are awarded and 1 SYI Intern Team position.


In exchange for the scholarship, our students share their SYI experience in a story that is 1,000 words or less. This story could be all things SYI! We want to hear about what led you to us and what your experience was like. If you feel called to share a specific experience or memory from your YTT, we would love to hear about it!


If you have a special talent to exchange including photography, videography, or any other ways you’re able to share your yoga teacher training experience with us, we’re always open to new ideas!


We are grateful to be able to offer the opportunity to support our students' passions and skills as they embark on their yoga teaching journey. We aim to support and nourish students' existing creativity and help it to flourish in this new realm.


We invite applications from all students and are open to discussing ways in which an exchange can take place.


If you receive a yoga scholarship exchange offer, you will have 7 days to place the minimum deposit and claim the exchange before it would become available to other students.


Please complete the form below to apply.


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Please let us know as soon as you can if you are going to be able to attend. Space is limited and receiving the award letter does not confirm your enrollment in the program. We are able to reserve the exchange offer for one week until the funds could potentially go to another student. We are excited to welcome you to our Global SYI family and greatly appreciate you and your support.


If you have any questions email us anytime!


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