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My 300hr YTT experience in Costa Rica with SYI was nothing short of an absolute initiation. After completing my 200hr in 2018, I still felt yoga was mostly a personal journey for me and never sought out teaching in a formal way, unsure of how it fit into my “professional puzzle”.


Even though I saw yoga as my way of life, I was traveling too much to work in a traditional studio and instead was focusing on building a business around flow state/performance coaching. I knew yoga could benefit the exact people I wanted to work with, but was unsure of what capacity I wanted to offer it in; plus, I was feeling rusty after a few years of not being in a consistent teaching role.


Earlier this year, when my life got flipped a bit upside down again, I decided it was time to go deeper for both my own healing and big-picture clarity, and started searching for a 300hr school that felt aligned. I was drawn to this particular training with Mindi, Nadine, and Brandi, as it focused on the integration of yoga, ancient medicine practices, and holistic psychology — all things that I considered part of my puzzle.

It really felt when I was reading the description that this training had been built just for me! After signing up, I immediately started seeing the signs that I was in the right place. For example, I joined the Facebook group only to find that a friend I made in Italy four years ago in passing was also part of this training! That friend turned out to be a monumental part of the experience and I am certain was not a coincidence that fate brought us together again!


The training itself was enough to prove to me that I was never meant to be anywhere else — that everything leading up to this served a divine purpose to bring me to this exact moment with these exact people. It was an incredibly sacred container, and I felt very certain that I was being guided here; which provided some healing in and of itself. The experience was both a reminder of the power I have and a calling for me to step into and share my unique medicine with others.


Diving into the cycles and spiritual animals SYI has set up their program through was especially meaningful, and part of the wisdom that I feel has now become a larger part of my journey. But most memorable by far was creating, leading, and receiving feedback from my first full class (as I never did teach in a studio after my 200hr). I knew I was capable of leading a class but since I was teaching the second to last day of the YTT, I wanted to create a sequence that felt representative of everything we had all experienced.

The support, encouragement, and wisdom I had learned throughout the training was what I needed to dig deep into my spirit and tap into my creative energy to do such a thing, and I ended up creating a sequence representative of the 4 SYI cycles/animals from the shamanic medicine wheel. Creating and leading this class was such a special experience for me and helped me walk away with tangible proof that I *am* meant to be sharing yoga with others.


I know without a doubt that this will become a larger part of my offerings as I continue to go through the process of refinement I’m currently in. I am so eternally grateful to SYI and all of my facilitators, as I now feel fully embodied as both a practitioner and professional.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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