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In November of 2019 I found the strength and courage that was already inside me to leave my abusive husband. The two years that followed were the hardest of my life. I have wanted to be a yoga teacher my whole adult life so one thing I wanted to do was get certified to be one as part of figuring out who I was again. I completely lost myself during my marriage.


I searched google for “immersive yoga teacher trainings” and School Yoga Institute almost jumped out of the screen at me. I did my research and set up a call with a beautiful soul from SYI. She was so wonderful, and I cried on the phone about the possibility of doing this. She also suggested I try for the scholarship and without her suggestion I wouldn’t have done it. I received a scholarship and then booked my yoga teacher training for Bali in June of 2021!


But then….my ex-husband and divorce took a wayward turn that made it impossible for me to go. I contacted the school, and their response was the most amazing and perfect response, which was the SYI would be there for me whenever I was ready.

I spent the rest of the year working on myself, being a kick ass mom, and teaching high school math and PE. I found happiness and confidence like never before. Things calmed down with my divorce and in February of 2022, I began to let myself think about the possibility of attending a training in summer 2022. I booked Costa Rica 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training June 5 th – 25 th.


Everything happened as it was supposed to. I wasn’t ready to heal in 2021 the way I did in Mal Pais at the Indigo Resort. Many of the women who were with me in Costa Rica had somewhat similar stories how they were supposed to attend other trainings in other places, but life brought them to our training, and I believe there was a reason for that.


The connection the 15 of us (17 with our two incredible teachers Nadine and Mindi) had was truly special. I’m sure most groups say that, but I know in my soul that ours was unique. Every moment of the training was magical for me. Sometimes incredibly challenging and heart/gut wrenching and sometimes so light and free and happy but always magical. I swam in the ocean every single day, sometimes more than once. I pushed my body, heart and soul to a limit and transformed who I am. It sounds cliché’ but being back home in my regular routine is different, I’m different.

I am a PE teacher and last year prior to knowing I’d be able to attend the training, I created and wrote curriculum for a class to offer in my school district called Yoga Fitness. It was approved and put in the course catalog. I have 3 classes of it this coming Fall semester and I will get to apply everything I learned at training in a school setting.


I am so excited to get that going and introduce proper yoga etiquette and technique to young people. My goals are to offer yoga to teachers and friends of teachers for a rate that we can afford and be an integral part of bringing proper yoga instruction to schools.


I am so grateful to SYI for the experience I had in June. I plan to attend other trainings in other beautiful places in the future.

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