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JOIN OUR SPIRITUALLY-DRIVEN YOGA TEACHER TRAINING - now offering a hybrid program to fit your schedule AND your budget without sacrificing the impact of an immersive setting.


GAIN THE TOOLS OF love, radical self-acceptance, personal growth, and deep connection, TO TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF THOSE AROUND YOU!


Join us virtually for the first half ~ then meet us in Costa Rica for ten days to complete your studies!


ACCESSIBILITY: This ½ online, ½ in-person Mystical 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training brings together the accessibility of online learning with the excitement, adventure, and transformational experience of our in-person training.


SACRED LOCATION: Join us where the jungle meets the sea in tropical Costa Rica! Located in the hills of Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula and surrounded by beaches, rich wildlife, and jungle waterfalls, Aves Resort is a luxurious, sprawling, consciously designed resort, recently built, with views of the Pacific Ocean. This setting is the ideal place to complete the in-person portion of this hybrid experience. Their spacious facilities and accommodations are built to nurture your heart and mind.


Earn your Yoga Alliance RYT 200 certification on this profound journey of growth and transformation.


Program Schedule:

ONLINE: October 11 - November 6th, 2024 ~ Virtual Program

IN-PERSON: November 10th - 19th, 2024 ~ 10-day Immersion



~ Friday-Sunday, October 11-13
~ Wednesday, October 16

~ Friday-Sunday, October 25-27

~ Wednesday, October 30

~ Wednesday, November 6


Wednesday/Friday: 3-7p EST Live on Zoom / 12pm-4pm PST

Saturday/Sunday: 9a-5p EST Live on Zoom / 6am-2pm PST

Yoga Practice:

Ashtanga inspired Vinyasa flow sequence & Sivananda inspired Hatha flow sequence.

Skill Levels:

All Levels.


200 Hour world-wide recognized Yoga Alliance certificate.



The environment in which you learn has the potential to enhance your overall experience. At SYI, we are VERY selective about the locations where we choose to host our teacher training programs. Costa Rica is known as the happiest and most sustainable country on Earth, making it a potent place to complete your 200-hour, 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training and YACEP Courses!


Mindful of our travel impact, we collaborate with eco-friendly retreat centers that recognize and prioritize sustainability.

Looking for fully in-person courses and dates?




~ $ 2500 - Pay in Full (cannot be combined with scholarships or other promotions/discounts)

~ $ 2700 - Payment Plan






~ $ 1200 - Quad Shared (4 people)

~ $ 1350 - Triple Shared (max 3 guests)

~ $ 1750 - Double (2 people)

~ $ 2150 - Private Room


* Your tuition + room and board includes our online virtual experience along with 9 nights of lodging and 3 delicious Gourmet meals per day in Costa Rica. Tuition is a separate cost from rooming. All prices are in USD.


Note: Prices above do not include travel, additional reading materials or extras.

What To Expect

From your unique School Yoga Institute Immersion Program you will experience:

  • Daily Asana Practice
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Anatomy & Physiology
  • Art of Teaching
  • Art of Touch
  • In-Depth Meditation Techniques and Practice
  • Experience Different Techniques of Pranayama
  • Ayurveda
  • Native American Shamanic Medicine Wheel
  • Kriya Yogic Cleansing
  • Kirtan Bhajan Chanting
  • Energetic Healing Practices, Chakras & Energy Work
  • Cacao & Fire Ceremonies
  • Communal & Sustainable Living
  • Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Tools for developing the business of yoga
  • Life-long Friendships
  • Full spiritual Immersion

Our training programs are taught in English.


Schedules may vary

  • 6:00a - 9:00a – Guided meditation / Pranayama / Asana
  • 9:00a - 10:00a – Breakfast and Self Sadhana
  • 10:00a - 11:00a – Spiritual lesson/Intention of the day
  • 11:00a - 12:00p – Yoga Sutras/Yoga Anatomy
  • 12:00p - 1:00p – Special Topics
  • 1:00p - 3:00p – Lunch
  • 3:00p - 6:00p – Art of Teaching and Art of Touch
  • 6:00p - 7:00p – Dinner and Self Sadhana
  • 7:00p - 8:00p – Satsang (Sacred Circle)


ONLINE: October 11 - November 6th, 2024 ~ Virtual Program

IN-PERSON: November 10th - 19th, 2024 ~ 10-day Immersion

with Mindi and Nadine


Montezuma is unique among beach destinations in Guanacaste and Nicoya. For years, this remote village and its surrounding beaches, forests and waterfalls have enjoyed near-legendary status among backpackers, UFO seekers, hippie expatriates, and European travelers. Although it maintains its unique vibe, Montezuma has emerged as a great destination for all manner of travelers looking for a beach retreat surrounded by some stunning scenery.


Various cultural influences can be felt in the outstanding restaurants in the area. Active pursuits abound, from hiking in the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve to horseback riding to a beach-side waterfall. The hotel itself is also walking distance to a Canopy (zip-line) Tour and a Butterfly Farm Gardens, and the delicious Cocina Clandestina restaurant. As ever, it's the natural beauty, miles of almost abandoned beaches, rich wildlife, and jungle waterfalls that first made Montezuma famous, and they continue to make this one of the favorite beach towns in Costa Rica.


Getting there:


Take a shuttle! Sit back and watch the scenery and leave the driving to the pros. Shared-ride shuttles usually leave from the Juan Santamaria International Airport and generally cost around $60 each way. The shuttles take about 4-5 hours and include a ferry ride. One can also take a 20-minute airplane flight from San Jose to Tambor and then take a taxi to the resort.


“AVES Resort is a truly piece of paradise hidden in a magnificent area of Costa Rica. The hotel is amazing, the rooms are spacious and he design is exquisite, the eprfect place for people who really want to go relax, the attention to details and the needs of each guest was perfect. Highly recommended"


As an organization, we are selective about the locations where we choose to host our teacher training programs. We believe that the environment in which you learn has the potential to enhance your overall experience. Costa Rica is known as the happiest and most sustainable country on Earth, making it a potent place to complete your 200, 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings and YACEP Courses.


It’s essential to be mindful of the impact we have on the places we visit. With that in mind, we always make an effort to collaborate with eco-friendly retreat centers that recognize and prioritize sustainability.
Everyone is wholeheartedly accepted and encouraged. We create and hold space where participants feel safe and comfortable. We support the growth and expansion of people’s horizons — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically. As a group, a community, a tribe, and an extended family, we practice and learn to let go. We allow the world to unfold before us without reaction or judgment.


Our intention is to guide aspirants through their own healing journey in order to better prepare them for healing others, letting go of anything that holds them back from what their hearts are truly called to do. Together we unveil the true essence and sweet nectar of life.

core Curriculum

During the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program you will:

  • Work through the traditional Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Wheel in a process of self-inquiry, discovery and personal transformation.
  • Learn to teach two Asana sequences: Sadhana Vinyasa and Sadhana Hatha flows, as well as guidance on creating your own unique sequences.
  • Live the yogic lifestyle, deepening your Sadhana, personal spiritual practice.
  • Incorporate daily Meditation, Pranayama, and Asana.
  • Explore the Art of Teaching through interactive daily workshops and learn through peer-teaching starting day one.
  • Participate in daily Satsang, evening gatherings. Learning traditional Kirtan chants from India and the rest of the world.
  • Participate in traditional ceremonies: Full-Moon Ceremony, New-Moon Ceremony, Letting-Go Ceremony, Traditional Andean Gratitude Ceremony (despacho), and/or Cacao Ceremony, and other traditional ceremonies.
  • Study Yoga Anatomy & Physiology and incorporate these principles into your own teaching and practice.
  • Study selected Yoga Sutras in depth.
  • Learn the foundation and historical background of yoga philosophy.
  • Explore Chakras, Bandhas & energetic anatomy in theory and in application to your personal practice and your teaching.
  • Study Ayurvedic Philosophy & Medicine, while studying and living the Yogic Diet.
  • Practice Advanced Pranayamas
  • Experience Kriyas, yogic cleansing techniques.
  • Focus on integrating Yoga into your life through daily Spiritual Lessons
  • Receive an introduction to Conscious Business and discuss ways to bring Yoga to the marketplace.
  • Learn and integrate holistic health modalities such as massage, energy healing, nutrition, and other forms

Upon completion of our course, participants who demonstrate our skill competency and complete 200 hours of classwork, will receive a certification for completion of the curriculum. This will enable you to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200).

IN-Depth Meditation Techniques and Practice // Meditation


“Prayer is you speaking to God. Meditation is allowing the spirit to speak to you.” Deepak Chopra


The primary purpose of meditation is the opportunity to sit as a witness to your divine self. The practice of meditation allows one to recognise, calm and even influence the fluctuations of the mind. During your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you will establish a daily meditation practice, and explore different techniques of meditation to deepen your own connection and understanding of divine self giving you the tools to confidently guide others in meditation practices. Beyond the practical application of meditation you will also learn the physiological, mental and philosophical science that promotes a regular meditation practice.



Experience of Different Pranayamas Techniques // Pranayama


Prana: Life Force. Yama: Observance. Pranayama Observance of Life Force - Observance of Breath. You breathe intuitively, yes? Yet becoming an observer of the breath develops a deep relationship to the root of your being. In our YTT you will maintain a consistent breath awareness practice which will offer you the opportunity to drop in with yourself and give you the tools to deepen your practice. An understanding of Pranayama is essential in deepening your yoga practice, throughout this training you will discover the philosophy of pranayama as well as be guided through different techniques, tools, and anatomical awareness that will inspire your practices and teaching moving forward.



Daily Asana Practice // Asana


What is commonly termed yoga actually refers to Asana. Asana, meaning posture, is the physical movement aspect of our practice. During this training you will learn 2 yoga flows 1 Hatha and 1 Vinyasa containing over 75 postures and 3 main styles of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation). In our daily Asana practices and Asana Labs you will become familiar with these asanas, their variations and alignment answering any questions that have accumulated while practicing on your mat. Through the dedication of building your own experience of the physical expressions of postures and learning the foundations of movement you will learn how to guide students safely through an embodied experience of selfhood.


Yoga Philosophy


The depths of modern yoga are rooted in thousands of years of philosophical inquiry upon the nature of our existence, the core of our philosophical discussions will center around different interpretations of The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali and their application to modern life. These sessions weave through discussions of other philosophies including Buddhist and Zen teachings, Shamanic belief systems, as well as modern philosophical discourse in richly engaging sessions that spark deeper inquiry into your own beliefs.


During this training you will learn the history of yoga, the 4 paths of yoga Patanjali’s 8 limbs and a knowledge of the development of modern yoga to develop an understanding of your own yoga lineage.


Art of Teaching & Art of Touch


Through daily Asana practice you will notice how subtle cueing, alignment and adjustments can alter the experience of each posture in your own body. In our Art of Teaching and Art of Touch sessions you will find your voice as a yoga teacher and build confidence to guide students through practices. You will start teaching mini sequences from day 1 so that you feel comfortable in the role of a yoga teacher by the end of your training.


In the Art of Teaching you will practice alignment cues, sequencing instruction, voice projection and pacing. In the Art of Touch you will explore the benefit of physical adjustments and how to offer hands on assists confidently and safely. During the training you will teach 1 Hatha class and 1 Vinyasa class to your fellow cohort.




Knowledge of life - science of life. Recognised as the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda is a holistic approach to wellness that is dedicated to recognising the person as a whole being and supporting them to live in full alignment with their own true nature. In our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training you will be introduced to the ancient beliefs, practices and routines that form the backbone of modern day Ayurveda. In our trainings you will be given the tools to embody a lifestyle that nourishes and supports you.


Yoga Anatomy & Physiology


In our approach to Yoga Anatomy we not only take into account an understanding of the human body on a physical level, also on an energetic level. During our training we will cover an anatomical understanding of the human body, you will learn the foundations of how the human body is made up, its functions, systems and connections. We will also delve into a more subtle understanding of the body on an energetic level. This is a fascinating aspect of anatomy that will elevate your teaching. We will focus on understandings of the Charka systems, Nadi’s, Prana, Vayu’s, Badhas, Koshas and more.


Shamanic Medicine Wheel


Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training was built with a strong intention for personal growth, empowerment, and expansion. We provide our students with tools to share the wisdom of yoga with others, but also to look at their own lives from a spiritual perspective. To assist with this journey of deep self reflection, our 21-Day Mystical 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings draw on the ancient wisdom of the Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Wheel. Click here and read more about the Shamanic Medicine Wheel.


Kriya Yogic Cleansing


Kriya yoga is an applied yoga system designed to purify the body and mind for better practice. Throughout our 200hr program you will be introduced to various methods that will allow you to drop that bit deeper into stronger mind and spirit connection.


Kirtan, Bhajan, Mantra and Chanting


Chanting is one of the most traditional and first Yoga practices. It helps to open the throat, heart and energies of the body. Kirtan or Bhajan is a beautiful means of connection to self and community. As well as a great way to learn some Sanskrit and Hindu Philosophy.


Cacao, Fire & Moon Ceremonies


To sit in ceremony is to hold and honor sacred moments, at School Yoga Institute we acknowledge the rituals of the lineages, cultures and traditions that have inspired us. During our training you will be invited to hold witness in ceremony and you will learn the tools to hold ceremonial space for your community. Within our training we hold cacao and fire ceremonies, some facilitators may also introduce journey ceremonies, lunar ceremonies, among others. Click here and read more about Cacao Ceremony.

The welcoming atmosphere at the School Yoga Institute develops a sense of community, support, and transformation, enabling graduates to become self-assured and sympathetic yoga teachers. The 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training with School Yoga Institute is a life-changing immersion into the world of yoga and self-discovery. Our comprehensive program goes beyond the basics, delving deep into the rich traditions of yoga while embracing contemporary teaching methodologies.


The Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour is a comprehensive program that prepares individuals to become skilled and knowledgeable yoga instructors. Our training gives graduates the assurance and know-how to effectively lead others on their yoga journey by covering asanas, philosophy, anatomy, teaching strategies, and more. This program offers the chance for personal growth and a lasting connection to the true meaning of yoga, not only the potential to become a yoga teacher.


Training to become a yoga teacher at School Yoga Institute offers a profound and enriching experience that goes beyond conventional teacher training programs. The institute offers a thorough 200-hour program that gives aspiring teachers the skills and knowledge necessary to run effective yoga courses, with a curriculum that is strongly anchored in ancient yogic teachings and integrated with current teaching approaches. In addition to developing their own practices, trainees gain a profound grasp of yoga's transforming power, which promotes self-awareness and progress.


Mystical Yoga, or yoga of spiritual practice, reaches deep into the roots of an ancient way of life

Each training holds unique energy, created from like minded souls who join from all over the world. To guide the process of personal transformation we draw on the ancient wisdom of the East as well as on the Shamanic Medicine Wheel of Peru.


Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses are arranged in four cycles, following the four cardinal directions, asking the guardian spirits to guide a cycle of release, understanding, growth and empowerment. Together we create a space that reveals our wisdom within and accelerates the realization of our life purpose.


Mystical Yoga, or yoga of spiritual practice, reaches deep into the roots of an ancient way of life. The study of this knowledge calls us to reveal the yoga, the union, between ourselves and everything around us.


Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training embodies this approach, opening us up to the wisdom of the teacher that is already within each of us. In 21 days, we immerse ourselves in experience — we dance, we chant, we sing. We find community with like-minded people and embrace the stillness within ourselves. We call on our intuition for the answers and we speak from spirit to spirit. We delve deep into the experience, free from the skins of our past, from unnecessary distractions to allow the authentic connection with ourselves to emerge.


Through the journey of the 200 Hour YTT, students have the opportunity to step into their power as yoga teachers, to rediscover facets of their being and share a deeper knowledge of the mystical dimensions from where we all came and to which we will all return. Through the study of ancient wisdom and practice of daily mystical yoga, we begin to reveal a greater sense of beauty, love, and freedom. We discover yoga as a toolkit which we can apply to bring us into present awareness of the true, pure essence of life.


Choosing to endeavor on the path of a yoga teacher is a noble pursuit of committing to oneself, to embodying a more aligned way of life. This journey will ask for self-reflection, honesty, acceptance, growth, and discipline. It is a full immersion into the world of yoga which has the power to bring life altering alignments.


What a potent time in the world to feel the call to become a yoga teacher! The journey begins right here and right now - searching the internet for a unique experience that sparks your destiny’s curiosity. The call to break free from the mundane and step into transformation! You are here for a reason.


There’s no question that we offer experiences that gift students with so much more than just a certification. We receive this question all of the time: “What makes your yoga school unique?” We’ve broken it down into 8 Reasons Why School Yoga Institute is Unique.


Our school is deeply influenced by Peruvian Shamanism and the Native American Medicine Wheel. This is a significant reason why many say that SYI is much more than just a yoga teacher training. We provide students with a spiritually driven course that goes far beyond Asana (the physical postures of yoga). Through shamanic medicine wheel and ceremonies, we connect to the shadows of our past to understand how our patterns shape and feed our current state and perspective. We develop powerful inner tools and rewrite the personal narratives that keep us stuck, giving way to a new perspective and lasting change in our lives.


School Yoga Institute started over 18 years ago and has contributed to hundreds of lives being transformed along the way! As a spiritually focused organization, we are built upon a foundation of love, radical self-acceptance, personal growth, and deep connection. Our Alumni family is vast and continues to blossom throughout the world. Once you complete an SYI course, you’re family for life! We feel honored to do this work and continue to be inspired by each student and the uniqueness of their story.


We recognize that yoga should be accessible to every body! Wherever there is inequality, there is work to do. We offer yoga scholarships for all of our yog a teacher training programs and SYI is committed to amplifying and empowering the voices of people of color and folks who identify as BIPOC, LBGTQIA+, and members of marginalized communities.


“We want your voices in our community. We want your radiance in our soul family. We are ready to welcome you just as you are.” - Brooke, Visionary Team


As an organization, we are very selective about the sacred locations we choose to host our YTTs. We are grateful and humbled to hold these courses around the world on many different continents. We want the people who have grown up in these communities to have a chance to experience our programs at a discounted rate, so we offer 50% off for anyone who is from each location. For example, if you are from Central America, you have access to our programs in Guatemala and Costa Rica at a 50% tuition discount!


We truly can’t say enough about our incredible yoga facilitators. Like our course offerings, our facilitators are located all around the globe! Each one of our diverse world-class facilitators has completed a 300hr YTT and offers a plethora of experience and wisdom. We wouldn’t be who we are without them!


We offer continuing education courses both in-person and online! Our programs include Yin Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga. We offer these courses in Portugal, Panama, Spain, and more! We are all students at heart and it’s important that we continue to learn and grow with one another!


What can we say! We love our team and we love what we do! If you have ever sent us an e-mail, requested a phone call, or reached out with questions, chances are you’ve heard back from our co-owner and operator, Keri Pennell!


Keri, and Co-Owner and facilitator Jed Pennell, pour their hearts and souls into this community and deeply care for each student’s journey and experiences. We call Keri our Mystical Mama! A vegan chef, wife, and mother of four, Keri’s leadership is contagious and welcoming! She’s joined by an incredibly supportive team of SYI visionaries!


At School Yoga Institute we are grateful to work with numerous international locations as passionate about sustainability as us. In our travels we make an effort to off-set emissions, during our yoga teacher training we provide students with the knowledge, means and opportunity to delve into self inquiry of the impact of their current lifestyle and an introduction to living more sustainably. Click here and read more about Sustainable Living.

A Day in the Life

Our 200 Hour Mystical Hatha / Vinyasa Immersion Yoga Teacher Training is registered with Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga alliance International and has been for over a decade. This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is the opportunity for yoga practitioners and aspiring teachers who are passionate about expanding their knowledge and experience of yoga to dive deep into a community of like minded individuals and be guided through the application of ancient wisdoms to explore the knowing of the true self.


Students who complete this training will receive a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate that is internationally recognised. There is no requirement to go on and teach yoga after this training. Many of our students also take this training for their own personal practice and healing!


We ask for dedication, commitment, and surrender, as well as full immersion in our spiritual community for the duration of the training. In our experience, this commitment and immersion makes the work as impactful and powerful as possible.


We ask students to come with an open heart and mind, ready to receive and learn. We ask participants to embrace all aspects of the yogic lifestyle, such as observing a vegetarian diet, living free from the distractions of other substances (including alcohol and caffeine) and moving away from technology and unnecessary communication with the external world.


We typically welcome up to 18 students which we have felt keeps a small and sacred container where everyone feels held and inspired as a member of our loving community throughout our 3 weeks together. Occasionally our courses are larger than 18, and in that case, we would send more instructors so that the teacher to student ratio is still of maximum benefit.


Each day carries an intention, a spiritual lesson, that we explore throughout the day. We begin each morning with sunrise meditation, followed by a 90-minute asana and pranayama practice and nourishing yogic breakfast. The days are spent learning yogic theories and healing practices through workshops, classes and group discussions.


During this time we discuss the fundamentals of yogic living, including yogic diet, anatomy, meditation, cleansing practices, pranayama, Ayurveda and the ancient wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training also includes other methods of healing, calling on not just the physical and mental elements but also the more subtle forms of healing work such as earth medicines, energy healing and shamanic journeying.


We share the Art of Teaching and Art of Touch, during which tstudents will learn to teach two asana sequences, the Mystical Hatha Flow, a slow, meditative, Sivananda-based practice, and the Mystical Vinyasa Flow, a more intense, breath-synchronized, fluid flow. Students will explore proper asana alignment and adjustment of poses in depth as well as the key to intelligent sequencing. This forms the solid foundation upon which students can step into their unique teaching ability as a teacher. Each evening we come together with Satsang, an evening gathering, which may be meditation, kirtan chanting or a sacred ceremony.


Read Here More About How To Become a Yoga Instructor


Need more information? Have questions about our sacred locations?



- Mary Oliver

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