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5 Things I wish I knew before taking a Yoga Teacher Training

You have finally made up your mind and want to dedicate your life to teaching the world your passion: yoga.

I’m sure you are eager to start a Yoga Teacher Training course and teach as soon as possible. I understand you, all of us who are dedicated to this have gone through that phase.

But, before choosing one Yoga Teacher Training course or another, you need to take into account several factors to know what you are going to find and be prepared for it.

In this article, I will leave you with the 5 tips I wish I had known before starting a yoga teacher training course.

My experience in Yoga Teacher Training

My name is April, I am one of the core facilitator team with School Yoga Institute and I’m also the voice behind many of our blog posts. 

My 200-hour journey began with School Yoga Institute back in 2019 when I joined their 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali.

They require prior experience in yoga practice, as well as proper guidance from a qualified instructor. It is essential to listen to our bodies and not force positions if we are not prepared physically or emotionally.

Before joining the training I had a passion for Yoga and a desire to delve deeper but I had a lot of misconceived notions about who, what, and how I needed to be to take Yoga Teacher Training that almost held me back from taking the training entirely.

I am so glad they didn’t because the journey beyond my YTT has been filled with continual growth, connection, and faith in myself and the world around me.

My life would be so vastly different had I not listened to the call. I now not only teach yoga full-time, but I also facilitate yoga teacher training and encourage others to step into the skin of their authentic self. 

If you’re someone who is struggling to overcome notions of who and how you should be or are simply looking to prepare for your upcoming YTT, in this blog I will take the time to explore the things I wish I’d known and the things many of my students wish they had known before a YTT with School Yoga Institute. 

5 Things I wish I knew before taking a Yoga Teacher Training

Here is a compilation of the 5 most important things you should know:

1. My practice does not need to look a certain way and neither do I. 

Before taking my Yoga Teacher Training, I had the idea that I needed to know and master every single pose, in every single expression perfectly before I was ‘ready’ to become a teacher. I know I’m not alone in this; it’s something that has come up time and time again with potential students. 

Yes, having a consistent physical practice is essential before taking a yoga teacher training because it establishes a foundation of understanding of your own body, nuances of postures, and energetic sensitivity to asana, which is invaluable as a teacher and to deepen your self-awareness. However, what our physical practice looks like is a different story. Many poses challenge me in different ways, both mentally and physically. I even teach them and weave them into my practice. Not being able to form the full expression of a posture does not diminish my ability to understand the mechanics of a posture, and often those postures that challenge us also provide more profound lessons.  

At SYI we believe in meeting our students where they are at and providing them with the tools and opportunity to explore their practice.

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2. How connected I would become to the community 

Yoga Teacher Training allows us to show up and explore with complete authenticity who and how we are. Within our teacher training, we wholeheartedly seek to offer an experience where students feel empowered and embraced as they delve into depths of self-realization. 

This can feel vulnerable for many of us, yet when we come together in accepting and inspiring communities like those established in YTTs, profound and lasting friendships are found. From this space, we continue to evolve into more aligned versions of ourselves. 

3. I do not need to know everything

I had the perception that I wasn’t ready to take Yoga Teacher Training because I simply did not know enough about Yoga. A 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed to be your stepping stone into the many facets that make up modern yoga. 

During a Yoga Teacher Training you will be introduced to the mysteries of this deep and rich tapestry of living wisdom, it’s not expected that you know everything already. Coming together, we embrace the differences of every being and encourage students to approach new ideas, people, and perspectives with a beginner’s mind. 

As we delve into the sacred study of the self, the more we recognize the magic and vast complexity of human existence. As Aristotle wrote, “The more you know, the more, you realize you don’t know”, we embrace an openness to new ideas without expectation. 

4. I don’t have to want to teach yoga

Although I had a passion and desire to learn more about yoga, I had never stepped into the role of a teacher before and wasn’t sure I wanted to. My Yoga Teacher Training gave me the opportunity and confidence to use my voice; as it turns out, I love teaching. However, this isn’t the case for everyone; it is certainly not required to take Yoga Teacher Training. 

There are numerous benefits to taking a Yoga Teacher Training beyond gaining your 200hr certification, including finding a like-minded community, dedicating time and energy to your sadhana – self-study, creating sustainable self-care routines and so so much more. Read our student experiences for a glimpse into how much Yoga Teacher Training can give you.

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5. What I put in, I get out.

Yoga teacher training is only the beginning, whether your Yoga Teacher Training sparks the transition into becoming a full-time yoga teacher or not. The journey of teacher training will spark significant shifts in your life. 

From the stem of a regular yoga practice and healthy routine that is seeded during training, you will uncover deeper facets of your being and begin to align with a sense of unity of self and spirit that is the true essence of Yoga. 

During Yoga Teacher Training, we are introduced to new ways of being, our perspectives broaden, priorities shift, and we evolve dramatically. We become more present with our sense of self, how we relate to ourselves and others often shifts and changes, and we learn that the more we give ourselves to experience, the more we gain from it. 

Truthfully, the expansion of self that can be rooted in a Yoga Teacher Training is limitless, if you feel the call and give yourself to it completely you will never be the same. 

If, after all this, you’re still ready to show the world your passion, here’s how to do it:

Remember to take all this into account before starting your Yoga Teacher Training

Reflecting on my yoga teacher training journey, I want to share a few insights with you.

Embrace your journey; perfection isn’t the goal.

Connect with your community, cherish the learning process, and know that teaching isn’t the only outcome.

What you invest in this experience deeply influences what you gain. If you’re considering yoga teacher training, let my journey inspire you to take that step toward personal growth and discovery. Your unique path awaits.

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