Yoga instructor salary: How much do yoga teachers make?
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Yoga instructor salary: How much do yoga teachers make?

If you love yoga and like to share your vocation to the rest of the world, here’s some good news: You can earn a salary as a yoga instructor.

You may wonder how much you can earn as a yoga teacher. Well, that will depend on several factors that you will discover in this article.

Keep in mind that this will only work for those yoga professionals who really feel a vocation for it.

If you think you are ready, read on.

What’s included in a yoga instructor’s salary

The salary of a yoga instructor is determined by several factors.

Your potential income as a yoga instructor is more than just a per-class rate. It reflects your value and contribution to the yoga world.

This salary depends on:

1. Class hours

The hours you teach are a big part of your pay.

Whether you’re in a studio or teaching independently, you’re usually paid per class or hour.

Those who teach more classes or are dedicated full time may have higher earning potential compared to those who work part time.

2. Location

The geographical location is a key factor in a yoga instructor’s salary.

Generally, urban areas offer higher salaries due to greater demand and higher living costs.

3. Specialization

If you specialize, like in therapeutic or prenatal yoga, you can earn more.

This expertise lets you reach specific groups and often leads to better pay.

4. Experience

More experience can mean a higher salary.

As you build your reputation, you gain the power to negotiate your pay.

5. Certifications and training

Additional certifications or ongoing training can boost your value and income.

They expand your skills and can lead to higher pay.

6. Type of work

Whether you’re freelancing or working with a studio affects your income.

Freelancers can set their rates but have to cover their costs, while studio teachers might have a fixed rate per class.

Every yoga instructor’s salary structure is unique, depending on their situation and experience.

It’s key to do your homework and negotiate to get a fair pay that matches your dedication and skill in teaching yoga.

How much do yoga teachers make per class?

Your salary as a yoga instructor, in addition to varying according to the values you read above, will also depend on your type of contract:

✳️ Fixed salary instructors

Instructors on a fixed salary benefit from financial stability, as they receive a consistent amount regardless of class size or frequency.

This model is common in established yoga studios, where regular classes and schedules are the norm.

However, the fixed nature means there’s less flexibility for increased earnings through larger class sizes or additional sessions.

✳️ Pay-Per-Student model

Instructors compensated based on the number of students per class have the opportunity to increase their earnings by attracting more students.

This model motivates instructors to build a strong following and engage in marketing efforts.

How much do yoga teachers make per class

The potential for higher income is significant, but it also introduces variability, as income can fluctuate with class sizes.

✳️ Bonus-Based earnings

Bonus-based earnings can significantly supplement an instructor’s income.

These bonuses might be linked to various factors like:

  • Student feedback
  • Class attendance milestones
  • Or conducting special workshops.

This model encourages instructors to not only maintain but also improve the quality of their classes and engage more with the student community.

✳️ Freelance yoga instructors

Freelance instructors have the freedom to set their rates and schedules.

They can potentially earn more per class compared to fixed-salary instructors, especially if they have a strong personal brand or specialize in a popular yoga style.

However, this also means managing their own:

  • Marketing
  • Location costs
  • And having a less predictable income.

These are estimates of what you could earn in each case as a yoga coach. Keep in mind that these are only approximations and will depend on other factors.

Yoga teacher salary based on region

As you consider becoming a yoga instructor, it’s important to realize that salaries can greatly vary depending on the region.

Different geographical areas have varied demand levels and living costs, directly impacting yoga professionals’ incomes:

▶️ Urban and metropolitan regions

As a yoga teacher here, you’re likely to find a higher demand for your classes. This can translate to better pay.

These areas often have a diverse student base, craving different types of yoga. This variety offers you a chance to specialize and potentially increase your income.

But remember, the competition might be fierce, and standing out requires unique skills or niches.

▶️ Rural areas and small towns

The yoga scene here might be quieter, with fewer students and less competition.

This often means lower pay compared to urban areas.

However, the cost of living is usually more manageable, balancing things out.

Here, building a loyal community can be key. You might have the chance to deeply connect with your students, creating a fulfilling, though potentially modest, yoga teaching career.

When setting your salary expectations in a region, it’s crucial to research and understand the local market.

How to increase your earnings as a yoga instructor

As a yoga instructor, you have several opportunities to boost your income and maximize your earning potential. Here are some effective strategies:

✅ Work as a freelance yoga instructor

Consider offering private classes to individual clients in addition to regular studio classes.

These personalized sessions allow you to tailor the practice to each person’s specific needs and goals, which can lead to substantial additional income.

✅ Conduct yoga workshops and retreats

Organizing yoga workshops, whether themed or focused on advanced skills, can be a great way to earn extra.

These events provide a more intensive and specialized experience for participants, often translating into higher prices.

✅ Expand your health-related services

Expand your skills and knowledge into related health and wellness areas.

You can offer complementary services like:

  • Personal training
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutrition advice
  • Guided meditation.

These additional services can attract a broader audience and generate extra income.

Remember that in order to be able to do all this, it is necessary that you previously become an expert in yoga.

Once you achieve this, you will be ready to expand your horizons and continue to grow as a professional.

Now you know how to maximize your salary as a yoga instructor.

With these tips you will be able to know how much you will earn if you become a qualified yoga instructor.

Depending on factors such as your specialization and your place of work, you will be able to earn more or less.

But remember, you should not become a yoga instructor for the money alone, but out of your sense of vocation and the need to pass on this lifestyle to others.

Those teachers who love yoga will be the ones who, for obvious reasons, get the best contracts. Namaste.

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