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Raquel began practicing in a studio (she was initially introduced to yoga as a young child) over 20 years ago, when she signed up for an Iyengar yoga class with in Nashville, TN. The precision of the practice along with the challenge to connect spiritually resonated profoundly within her. After moving back to her hometown of Los Angeles, Raquel was fortunate enough to experience a multitude of approaches and styles. Alongside her passion for yoga, she began the practice of Zen Buddhism; taking her Buddhist precepts (Jukai) in 2002.


Inspired by art, creativity and also by her many teachers (yoga and otherwise, including her mentor and friend, Saul David Raye), Raquel creates a practice that brings to life the holistic and healing nature of yoga. Her faith in the practice of “allowing” inspires people to simply yet deeply access and connect more passionately with their authentic strength, vulnerability, and spirit. This approach, coupled with her background in Zen Buddhism has allowed her to find a natural synergy between yoga and an inner connection. Her teaching style integrates real-life experience and the science and philosophy of yoga; enhancing a spiritual, mental and physical context for your body and mind in the world.


Raquel is the creator of Liberation Yoga Studio in Nashville, YTT Soul Migration creator and teacher, co-teacher to Saul David Raye for the Atma YTT as well as a seasonal guest teacher on Martha’s Vineyard; conducting a multitude of soul-based workshops. Raquel studies mantra with Vedic Priest, Shiva Kumar, Vedanta with Jyothi Chalam, and makes annual pilgrimages to India as well as being a student of herbalism. Raquel is humbled and honored by her students and how profoundly the practice of teaching has influenced her as a constant student of this amazing and beautiful life.




What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?

This changes all the time depending on my life circumstance! The transitions between poses when I’m needing acceptance, the stability and steadiness of holding poses when I’m needing grounding and the continuity of the form or shape when I’m exploring my edges and leaning into more grace…this is what makes the asana practice magical. Secretly, I love ardha chandrasana because of its evolution of expansion…but don’t let the other poses know I have a favorite!


What is your favorite quote?

“The beauty is not in the form itself, it’s in the transitions.”~Eran Webber, Sculptor



What inspires you in your practice?

Humility and Grace. We can never have enough of either of these practices. I often use language as inspiration to cultivate practices that connect me and remind me to listen to the wisdom of my intuition and my heart. Mantra, movement, and stillness ARE the innate abilities of integration we were born with, our literal birthrights. Through the heart-language of yoga, I believe we can evolve beyond our differences, our choices, and anything that keeps up seperate from ourselves and each other.


The teachings of yoga not only propel us forward but sometimes ask us to take a step back or to step aside. Yoga is not only the way in but it is also the way out.

“Open heart, passion, love, amazing communication, checking in with students and rectifying issues, pranayama knowledge and her own unique flow style.”

-Agni, July 2019 Munay Sonqo



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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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