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Before arriving at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala, I lived a life I thought I was passionate about. I had a heavy workload, I was socially and mentally exhausted, and I struggled to find a balance between work and enjoyment. All in all, I lacked the true meaning of yoga, union, in my being.


I chose SYI because I have been in love with yogic philosophy and the practice since I was in high school. I felt called to pursue this passion even deeper by achieving my 200-hour certification, without intending on teaching afterwards. After receiving an abundance of support from everyone, I have changed my mind, and realized teaching this beautiful practice is something I would love to pursue.


From my teacher training, I have learned to trust my intuition and internal compass for it brings union and balance to my physical, mental, and spiritual being. Listening, intuitively acting, and nourishing your body with what it needs brings it into its fullest alignment.

I aspire to carry this with me wherever I go in life. This training aligned me with my passion for creativity and expression, and wherever I go, I will be in my most authentic expression. I learned to take off masks I wore to protect myself (being overly kind and dumbing myself down) and to love the masks that conceal my truest nature (my goofiness and thirst for knowledge).


I realized the job I was working in the states was not in alignment with what I wanted to do, and I indeed wore a lot of masks to protect myself. It just so happened, as I was in Guatemala, I received a job offer that aligned with everything I have been asking the universe for. It was so lovely being held in such a supportive loving and community during this transformative period in my life.


Seeing my fellow yogis in their most empowered embodiment showed me how magnetic, influential, and blissful this state is, and I strive to do the same, whether I am creating art, music poetry, providing services for those in need, the list goes on… I want to connect with others through their resonance of my creative expressions, and I want others to connect with me in this same way.

My favorite memories from this journey were the fire ceremonies, shamanic journeys, and breathwork. This revealed to me the potential of my mind and healing process. I released, I took action, I created, I played, and I found a deeper connection with source.


Nichole, Katie, and everyone at the farm held a safe container for me to explore my greatest joys and shadows throughout my training, and I am eternally grateful. Aho!

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