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The moment I left my first yoga class in my life, aged 15, I felt like my head had been put in the washing machine, and all my thoughts hung up to dry in the summer sun. There was no need for words or narratives, a drastic change for my overthinking brain. I decided to regularly come into this state, to do yoga every morning, and eventually, be able to lead others into a state of flow.


Back then, I didn’t consciously appreciate other aspects of yoga that would prove extremely important in my development. I knew it made me feel better, more relaxed and aware, but only through the practice of meditation and applying its philosophy was I able to articulate my values an development goals. The YTT was incredibly enriching in this process on a somatic level. Having just completed a 5-year-long psychotherapeutic process, I considered my relationships and traumas largely worked though. Yet, as we moved our bodies in dance, sang our hearts out, and trembled uncontrollably during powerful breathing exercises, I realised my body hasn’t processed the past the way my brain has. I realised it was the beginning of the journey, rather than its end.

The structure of the course, inspired by Andean traditions, led me into an intense psychosomatic self-exploration during which I connected with the elements and tapped into universal interconnectedness. The location, the Mystical Yoga Farm, was incredibly accommodating for such a transformation. Surrounded by the beauty and unexpectability of nature, we were encouraged to interact with it on a daily basis. We extended gratitude for the local food, colourful flowers, the lake we swam in, the evening rain — and never took the for granted.


During this collective and deeply personal process, we took time to listen to and learn from each other, creating an atmosphere of support and compassion. Immersed in a community, I made lifelong friendships and everlasting memories. Learning how to hold space for others, I found a unique feeling of calmness and excitement, which opened up for me new desires — to be a ceremony facilitator, to hold circles, to support others. And so my path begins as I will soon have the opportunity to share the wisdom of yoga at a university society.

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