India Yoga Teacher Training Welcome Packet


India Devarya Welcome Packet

Come join us in the sacred motherland of Yoga.. India! We come together in sacred community to study the healing and transformative practices of yoga with this unique and spiritual based Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India.


Devarya, which translates to Divine Belief, is located in the heart of a serene seaside town in Goa – southern India. Devarya Wellness invites you to breathe, experience, and live the yoga life in this 7,000 square meter sanctuary and green yoga retreat.


Devarya Wellness is specifically designed to celebrate the colorful and mystical essence of India and the rooms and landscape do just that.

When you’re not studying yoga, you can spend your days enjoying the large swimming pools, sunbathing on the sandy Morjim beach, or watching the sunset over the Arabian sea. The serene environment will stimulate your mind, energize your body, and speak to your soul.



Food and Water

Please let us know of any allergies or dietary restrictions. All meals are healthy and prepared by our lovely cook who knows how to make your taste buds smile. 3 Daily vegetarian healthy meals (breakfast including detox drink, lunch, and dinner) served as a buffet.


It is not recommended to drink the tap water. Only drink purified water. During the day there will be purified water available in the yoga shala and at night near your River house accommodations.


When traveling outside of your home country it is a good idea to take the extra steps to protect your immune system. If you have never traveled outside of your country, this may make you more susceptible to getting tummy sickness because your body will be exposed to unfamiliar bacteria! Even though our retreat centers have filtered water, we recommend bringing a water filter or water purification tablets. Here are the products we recommend:


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter or LifeStraw Water Bottle

Sport Berkey Water Bottle

SteriPen Ultra Water Purifier

Water Purification Tabs

Flying to India

The School Yoga Institute team is here to support you in flying to India. It is your responsibility to book and pay for your flights. Students should fly into Dabolim International Airport (GOI), which is approximately 90 minutes from Devayra by car. We can arrange your transportation from the airport, costs can be shared between a number of students, to be paid in USD. Contact our team today with any questions at!


We can arrange a Direct Shuttle for you from the airport, train station, bus station, or anywhere else you might be staying. Please indicate exact flight or pickup location information on the logistics sheet.

The nearest railway station is Pernem Station, which is less than 20 kms away from Devarya. There are also frequent buses from the capital city of Panaji and the city of Mapusa to Morjim.

You can pay your shuttle directly to Devarya upon arrival.


Local currency is INR (Indian Rupee). You can check the most current exchange rate directly on google.


Passport and Visa for India

Please note the information below is applicable to US Citizens only. If you are not from the US, it is your responsibility to refer to the website of the Indian Consulate for your country.


You must have a valid passport with a blank page.


It is important to note that India requires a visa, which must be taken care of ahead of time (the two options for obtaining one are detailed below). It is also important to note that Indian travel regulations change often, and generally with little notice. We will be keeping an eye on relevant changes, but you should also check back to the link below for any updated information.


More information and details on requirements when traveling to India can be found on this page, and on links accessible from this page.


You can apply online here for your standard Indian Visa. It is recommended to apply for your visa at least 15 days in advance. Please note that your visa type & reason for visiting is tourism, and also that this is the only site approved by the Indian Government to process visa applications in the USA.


If you are certain that you will be in the country fewer than 30 days, there is also the option to apply for an electronic travel authorization in lieu of a Visa, at the link below. This is recommended to be done at least 4 days before travel (but not more than 30 days). We advise completing the process with enough time to apply for a traditional visa (in the event they do not approve your electronic travel authorization).


It is important to state your visa type and reason for visiting is tourism.


You can refer to this site for information regarding visa fees.


Important: You will be given a form to fill out on the plane for customs. Please select the option which states that you are there for vacation/holiday (as we are not a permanent India institution).

Yoga Teacher Training Manual

The Manual is included in the price of tuition and we will have it for you at the start of the course.

Required Books

  1. Yoga Sutras by Dennis Hill (please bring with you to the training)
  2. Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga Practice

If you don’t already have a regular practice, please take some time prior to the beginning of the training to start practicing yoga and meditation 3-5 times per week if possible. This will help your body and mind more quickly adapt to the schedule once we begin the course. You can find videos of the flows here.


Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health

  • Since there is an emphasis on cleansing and healing in this training, we recommend you begin the process of preparing your body by eating fresh foods that are organic and alkaline-forming such as fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium, calcium and magnesium. These are the alkalizing electrolyte minerals most widely used by the body. You may also want to consider limiting your consumption of meat, dairy products, salt, sugar, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Drink water as often as possible and begin to listen to and notice any changes in your body’s responses to this purification process. During the training based in the tropics, you will want to drink considerably more water than normal.
  • As we are cleansing the body from the inside out, you may also want to consider the effects of cleansing from the outside-in. This is a perfect opportunity to look at the products you are using on your skin, hair and scalp to determine the safety or toxicity of them. Please note, cleansing and fasting is not a required part of this training. It is only offered as an additional way in which you can create more space for more light in your life and in your practice. If you are taking medication or have any personal or physical conditions that may be a contraindication to cleansing, please let us know.
  • Begin to reflect on any insights you are receiving. This may be about yourself, your life, the things that have brought you to this place, the things that may be holding you back, or any other parts of you that are asking to be looked at. This is a great time to begin a practice of journaling if you do not already. Contemplating the intentions of why you are doing what you are doing can bring a depth to your experience and begin the process of transformation before you even leave home!

Packing List

  • Bathing suit(s)
  • Hats
  • Sandals
  • Beach Towel & Sarong
  • Biodegradable shampoo, soap, etc.
  • Band-aids and any desired medical supplies
  • All-natural bug repellent ( All Terrain, Herbal Armor and Burts Bees are great!)
  • Comfortable lightweight Yoga clothes, T-shirts and shorts
  • Headlamp and batteries
  • Yoga Mat (optional)
  • Journal and extra notebook
  • Water Bottle
  • All-natural sunscreen

Optional items

  • Lavender and Tea Tree Oil are great essential oils to have
  • Snacks
  • All-natural candles and sage
  • Special stones or healing items for your Mesa
  • Plastic bags to keep electronics dry and safe near the beach
  • Rechargeable batteries, charger, speaker
  • Musical instruments!
  • Cameras / camera chargers
  • Travel Mug

Sick Days and Missed hours

Full participation is required to complete the program. Any additional hours missed will require communication with a facilitator and an action plan as to how hours can be completed. If additional facilitator time is required to work with a student to make up hours, an additional cost per hour may incur. Students must fulfill all Yoga Alliance required hours in order to graduate.



At the end of the course, you will receive your 200-hr Yoga Teacher Certification. This course is approved by Yoga Alliance, so as a graduate of this program you will qualify to register as a teacher with the Yoga Alliance organization, internationally recognizing you as a certified teacher.

Other activities for days off

  • Dolphin sighting boat trip at sunrise
  • Rangoli & Mandala Classes
  • Henna Nights
  • Indian Cooking Classes
  • Friday & Saturday night market visit
  • Wednesday Anjuna Flea market visit
  • Old Goa, Spice Farm & waterfall day trip
  • Paradise Beach visit in the neighboring state of Maharashtra
  • Water sports activities like kite surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, surf lessons, & more!



Let us know if there is anything else you would like to do!

Contact for ANY questions! Thank you!!





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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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