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My journey towards my shamanic yoga teacher training with SYI started in December 2018, when I just arrived in Peru and had no clue of how my South America travels would go.
Funnily I got pretty soon to the inner point that I felt that simple traveling is not what I’m so stoked about anymore after having been traveling around at New Zealand and Australia for 5 months already beginning of 2018.

My aim by coming to South America was to connect to Shamanism, finding out about the ancient healing techniques and gaining new insights about my own being. I realized that healing old wounds is important, but nothing is going to change in your life unless you step up with willingness and initiative to actively start your transformation. For me that was to learn something I could give back and contribute to my community. Since having practiced Yoga for almost 6 years now as a tool for grounding, healing and restoring myself, I found that would be the perfect way to start my mission.

No sooner said than done. A travel friend from NZ had already mentioned her interest in SYI’s trainings in a message to me and another girl, just having accomplished the training at Guatemala, suddenly appeared at the yoga hostel I was currently staying at. She offered classes nearly every morning and her art of teaching, always referring to the knowledge of the Peruvian Medicine Wheel, bringing her special crystals (the girl’s name was Crystal too ;)) and treating us with a little essential oil massage in Savasana, made me make my final decision, wanting to take a training with SYI.

Since I still needed to watch my budget while traveling I was keen on being part of the scholarship program. When they informed me that no scholarships were left for the training at Peru I tried to figure out where else I could possibly go from there to take a training and then Costa Rica popped up for me. Being an ocean lover anyways I got pretty excited when SYI told me I could become part of the scholarship program for Costa Rica, March 2019. After also having arranged a payment plan I could start planning my way up from Peru to Costa Rica. I had 3 months to get there…

My route took me over the Peruvian jungle, doing an ayahuasca diet with Shipibo Shamans, Columbia, stopping at a friend’s coffee and cacao farm and Panama, being part of the yearly Tribal Gathering. One day before the training was supposed to start I finally reached the little surf town Santa Theresa.

Next day, the day of arrival, I made my way to Indigo Yoga, the place where we would stay throughout the program. When I got there and was shown the spot to set up my tent (because I signed up for camping) I was a little perturbed. The drought over the last couple of weeks had created huge cracks in the ground where I expected green, juicy and soft grass to grow. After taking a while to digest my disappointment and grasping that that’s also an impact of global warming and no fault of the local people, I lastly got to set up my tent in humility, already knowing that it’s gonna be more a sauna than a home for the upcoming weeks.

But as it turned out, there was not even time really in the schedule to make use of my tent other then sleeping in it at nighttime – as it cooled down towards sunset, everything was fine with that. From day one until the very last day we had classes from morning 6 am until 6 pm. A morning and lunch break included, which was really needed to refresh my brain cells in this utterly hot air of Costa Rica by jumping into the pool at least twice a day!! The days went by faster than we could look, but we really took the most out of them! Most interestingly we had so many topics to cover that there was not really time to learn things by heart but still we were able to successfully teach our two peer teaching lessons.

Because everything we talked about was conveyed in such a personal and experienced way by our eager teachers Inka and Ashley that it made click in our heads and remained there. What I mostly enjoyed about the program was, the intention to not just let us learn the art of teaching yoga but also offering space to let us go through our personal process of transformation. By giving us reflective journaling tasks, nudging us into challenging positions to share our unique gifts with the group in order to step into our power, and leading us through the 4 cycles of the Peruvian Medicine Wheel with powerful and intentional ceremonies at each cycle’s end. It was incredible to witness how all of us opened up so much throughout the training, showing and sharing their vulnerable sides and being there for each other like family would.

Since I got back home from the training but also from 5 months of traveling South America, I got to say that I miss my Sangha a lot and Costa Rica’s beautiful nature surrounding us. There’s quite a difference in how empowered and motivated you feel going forward with all your intentions and plans as a newly yoga teacher whether you’re surrounded by likeminded supportive souls or not. First the cold still winter – like german weather blindsided me and then just being with my parents for first made me feel as stuck as before I left. What just showed me that I’m still not steadfast enough yet, aspiring for real family around me, who sees my dreams and purpose and believes in me going my path of becoming a healer and a teacher. And me taking up more courage, that I can simply do that! Whatever it is! Aho!

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