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My journey with yoga began after I was involved in a traumatic car accident in high school. I turned to yoga in an attempt to alleviate the chronic pain that I had after sustaining a back injury. Little did I know that yoga would provide an outlet for me to heal in man ways—physically, psychologically, and spiritually.


I found refuge on my mat. It was the place I could turn to no matter what else was going on in my life, and it served as a mirror of the challenges I was facing internally. When I began taking classes at a studio, I realized the difference it made to have a yoga teacher guiding me. As my practice became more steady, I knew that I wanted to pursue a yoga teacher training.


Like many others, I decided to do my training during a major transition in my life. I was about to graduate college and although I had a job lined up, I felt like I needed guidance on my larger life goals. I began looking at programs and soon realized that I wanted something more than just a YTT certificate.

I was craving an experience where I could truly immerse myself in yoga and detach from my regular lifestyle, especially if it meant leaving the country for a few weeks!


SYI offered all that I was looking for, and more. When I saw that Peru was one of the sacred locations for an SYI training, I knew it was the right choice for me. I had previously been to Peru once before, when I hiked the Inca Trail in the Andes Mountains. I frequently recount that endeavo as “the hardest thing I’ve ever done”, because it was an incredibly intense physical challenge and there was a clear discordance between my mind and body.


I realized that returning to Peru for a yoga intensive was the perfect way to bring my new awareness of mind-body-soul connection to the forefront of my practice.


Completing my yoga training in Peru with SYI exceeded any expectations I had. It was absolutely amazing to be in such a beautiful place and connect so deeply with myself, others, and the practice.


Our days began early enough to catch the sunrise over the Sacred Valley, our lunch breaks coincided with the sunniest part of the day, and our evenings were lit by the starry skies.


I often caught myself slowing down and acknowledging the beauty around me. The training fostered an immense sense of gratitude for the Earth that I continue to carry with me.

The experience provided by SYI is not one that can be found elsewhere. I loved how elements of Peruvian shamanism were interwoven into the curriculum of the program. When people ask me to describe what exactly I did over those 21 days, I find myself at a loss of words.


I can say that we danced in the candlelight, shared meaningful stories, sang beautiful words, and flowed with breath and movement, but so much is lost through language. How can words capture the essence of mysticism, of soul transformation? You have to experience it yourself to truly know.


Now on the other side of my training, I am excited to continue the self work I began in Peru and integrate the lessons I learned. I will soon be starting a new job working with patients who have alcohol use disorders.


Deep-diving into yoga has allowed me to consider how a holistic approach to health and wellbeing could be an avenue for me to pursue. I want to integrate my passion for yoga and medicine by making yoga more accessible to disadvantaged patient populations that would benefit from what yoga can offer.


Thanks to SYI, I have grown in my capacity to heal both myself and help others on their healing journeys.

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