Through Yoga, Permaculture & Regenerative Living


Through Yoga, Permaculture & Regenerative Living

50 Hour Continuing Education Course IN DOMINICAL, COSTA RICA

Join us near Tinamaste, in the Pacific Mountains for this 7-day 50 hour continung education course. Regenerative living is a continual way of rebirthing that is continuously evolving and transforming from one moment to the next in harmony with our environment, our community and our inner soul journey. Within the concept itself, lies deep spiritual teachings that reverberate harmony and sustainability are at the very core principles of what human beings are being faced with in our present day life.


Within this course, participants will be immersed in the experience of continuously rebirthing their existence in the ideology or physiology of regenerative or sustainable way of living. In order for one to achieve this, we can delve into three realms of our life: that of our physical body “Self Care”, our community “Community Care'', and our planet “Earth Care.” It is within experiencing harmony within each of these that one can fully embrace and embody the way of regenerative living.


Our being is always looking for a way to return back to harmony, though there are many levels of living in this optimum state of health that need to be called upon.


The universal concepts and topics covered: yoga for everyone, chakras, medicine wheel, elements, permaculture flowers and regenerative/ thriving ecosystems.






The course emphasizes the three main components of living harmoniously: Our body, our community and the Earth at large. We will explore the dynamics of how they continuously interconnect and work for one another on the Spiritual, Yogic and Regenerative path. Three threads connecting to Regenerative Living.

Caring for Self - the actualized/Divine Self

  • Pathless Yoga (Yoga for everyone)
  • ChiGong/Taichi/Art of movement
  • Meditation
  • Breath Work
  • Chakra (energetic toning)
  • Medicine Wheels (seven insights/wisdom keepers)
  • Voice Activation
  • Plant Medicine/making (cacao and other plants)
  • Mud Bath
  • Water Initiation Therapy
  • Meditation Waterfall Walk


  • Ceremony (opening, closing, fire)
  • Mystic Tea Time
  • Sound Harmonizing/Healing
  • Kirtan - Love for Devotional Music


  • Permaculture concepts and practices
  • Sustainable and Regenerative living locally and globally


Note: Each day would have three threads to connect to the overall theme. We can plug whatever the activities are appropriate for each day. So we can have continuity and continuum throughout.



Day 1 - Roots - Serpent Grounding in the Physical Body, Land & Nature Stewardship

  • Personal Care (finding home, pampering bath and meal, Grounding Yoga, Day 1 activating the Center wisdom from within - Medicine Wheel and Chakra (heart) - inner cycle and internal rhythm
  • Community Care (Creating a loving community, Mystic Tea Time, Opening ceremony ….
  • Mama Earth Care: Permaculture Farm Tour, sampling farm foods …. Tree planting ceremony.


Day 2 - Seed Sprouting - Building, Nourishing our Body - Sacral - High vibrational being

  • Self Care: Sunrise Meditation/Pathless Yoga, nutritious meals, Day 2 medicine wheel/chakara
  • Community Care: Earth Sound Journey, Mystic Tea Time
  • Mama Earth Care: Permaculture & Hands on Practice, Planting Seed, & Introduction to Biodynamics, New Moon Ceremony (new moon day before).


Day 3 - Stem - Jaguar - Mind - Education and Culture, Sacral: Building

  • Self Care: Sunrise Meditation/Pathless Yoga, nutritious meals, Day 3 medicine wheel/chakara, Sprouting and other Raw food with Fruit fest, Creating in the Kitchen making Sauerkraut & other ferments.
  • Community Care: Permaculture Practice: Natural Buildings & creating herbal medicine from garden.
  • Mama Earth Care: Learning to Propagate Plants


Day 4 - Sapling - Growing and Nourishing. *Waterfall* Solar Plexus: Tools and Technology

  • Self Care: Sunrise Meditation/Pathless Yoga, nutritious meals, Mud Bath, Breathwork
  • Community Care: Documentary “Power of Community”
  • Mama Earth Care: Permaculture Practice: Energy Systems & Compost Toilets
  • Ancestral tools & Machete workshop and cutting a coconut


Day 5 - Blossom - Hummingbird -Level of the Soul - - Medicinal herbs, Heart: Education & culture - CACAO day!

  • Self Care: Sunrise Meditation/Pathless Yoga Gentle heart yoga, nutritious meals, Cacao Celebration
  • Community Care: Meditation with the cacao tree
  • Mama Earth Care: Permaculture Practice: Learning to integrate cacao in a food forest
  • Cacao harvest, Cacao Fermentation, Cacao Toasting & Grinding Process, Cacao Making & Chocolates


Day 6 - Sky - Eagle - Spirit - Fruit - Seeds fly in Wind and continue the cycle, Throat, 3rd Eye, Health & Spirituality, Finance & Economics

  • Self Care: Sunrise Meditation/Morning Yoga and Voice Activation, Kirtan & Lucid Dreams Meditation

Community Care: Plant Medicine Making Mama Earth Care : Permaculture Practice; Plant Medicine Tour & Harvesting



Day 7 For our future generations. Taking Action. Crown. Land Tenure & Community Governance

  • Self Care: Sunrise Meditation/Morning Yoga about Procreation, future manifestations, lifespan.
  • Community Care: Future Generations.
  • Mama Earth Care : Future Generations. Permaculture: Economics - Global Situation & Local Situation, designing a dragon dream.
  • Graduation Departure


Gabrielle Marie Luo MA in Creativity, MA in Art, E-RYT 500, EPYT


Gabrielle dances in the impulse to create and believes it is the way we can see the ripples of our unique vibration. Her love of the earth and living life within the rhythms of nature is woven into her spiritual practice as well as within what she births into this world. She is a dedicated mother, yogini, artist, earth medicine keeper, nutritionist and steward of the earth she walks upon.


She has developed and teaches an array of transformational courses in the realm of health, yoga, spirituality, creativity, art, and regenerative living under her business, Mystical Womyn. She is the co-founder of Mystical Yoga Farm, a spiritual retreat center on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala where the focus combined permaculture and spiritual community living.


In our home, I take pride in my role as a homemaker and truly enjoy raising a family with my partner, Vedantin. Together we spin the golden thread to clothe our children in nothing but love.


Jean Pullen


Jean Pullen, is a multi-talented artist, yogi, gardener, cook, musician, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. Jean is the co-founder of Regenerate Your Reality, partner at Jungle Project and a Soil Advocate for Kiss the Ground. In her travels to
Europe, Mexico, and Central America over the past seven years, Jean has had the opportunity to co-create, volunteer and visit various permaculture projects. Jean loves teaching weekly community yoga for her neighborhood. Before redesigning her reality, Jean worked in corporate finance. (Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher E-RYT 200, BBA).


Alan Cacao


Alan Cacao lives for his love of nature and has had the opportunity to learn from different tribes and cultures and communities through his life. He leads agriculture and permaculture consulting, design, and management at Regenerate Your Reality. Alan originally studied to become a civil engineer in his home country of Mexico, then was introduced to permaculture in one of the largest projects in Central America, Las Cañadas, where he spent two years as a volunteer. Later, he began a 10-year journey through Central and South America, during which time he continued collaborating with diverse projects ( Punta Mona, Essence Arenal etc.) and various indigenous groups.




The below prices include a 6-night stay, tuition, course certificate, manual, rooming, and locally sourced meals.

  • Dorm Room: $1,350
  • Double Shared: $1,500
  • Single/Private Room:$1,800
  • All prices are in USD.

Note: Prices above do not include travel, additional reading materials or extras. We can help you with any travel questions as well as travel insurance.


Getting Here:


We will provide shuttle from Dominical at 1pm on June 18th from Mama Toucans Grocery Store directly to Villa los Aires


What to bring:


The location is in the midst of the jungle at an elevation of 500 meters. The temperature ranges from 75 to 85 degrees F. In June, it is the beginning of the rainy season. It usually rains in the afternoon/evenings during this month. Bring waterproof boots, hiking sandals, a light rain jacket, layers in clothing, a swim suit, sun protection, sun glasses and a hat.


Please bring a journal, instrument or songs to share, and a sense of adventure!

Need more information? Have questions about our sacred locations?


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