Student Testimonials


Alexia Blanc - Costa Rica


"After this training, I am leaving behind self-doubt and anticipation; I am sticking to ahimsa, non-harming, and my yoga practice. Every moment in this YTT rocked! I would like to thank my facilitators and all the students who shared this journey with me. You are all beautiful souls and I learned from everyone! A training like this is a wonderful human experience!"


Elodie Langlois - Bali


"The people I was in contact with from the school were absolutely divine from the beginning to the end. From the ones answering to my emails weeks before the training, to the teachers during and after it, the 21 other beautiful souls I met there and I shall not forget the amazing local people who shared with us their culture and beliefs with such grace. I’ve never encountered more human, supportive, caring and loving people. And I am grateful for each and every soul I met through School Yoga Institute."


Cassy Norwick - Peru


My SYI family: the incredible souls that were called to attend this exact training along with me. I absolutely believe that we were all brought together for a reason, and observing our group, you could definitely feel that. We immediately connected with one another, forming a tight bond that could only be created through deep soul-understanding."


Daisa Paquette - Costa Rica


"The training with SYI in Costa Rica provided me with a profound foundation and base structure of information to start the seemingly infinite path of discovery in this ancient way of life and practice. The community and connection cultivated here is beyond words and will stay in a special place in my heart. I am so grateful and blessed for the amazing opportunity and experience had in this training!"


Casey O'Connell - Guatemala


"The connections we formed in that jungle have opened so many doors that continue to support, inspire, and motivate me on my yogi journey today. Thank you SYI & the Mystical Yoga Farm for providing a space in time for our souls to rekindle the magic within and flourish the hope, faith & love that has carried us this far and will continue to carry us upon this beautiful path for the rest of our lives."


Juan Carlos Aguilera, Guatemala


"I wanted to connect with Yoga and myself on a deeper level, and that’s what I found in School Yoga Institute. I found them on Google and since I saw their website and their content something clicked in me. I kept looking for a couple months but nothing made me feel the way SYI did. So I decided to write them. Since day 1, my experience was excellent. SYI is an amazing school that I highly recommend. Not only because of their well-prepared teachers, but most importantly, teachers and human beings with authenticity and open hearts."


Mahni Dare - Peru


"I feel confident this course with School Yoga Institute has given me the tools and the knowledge to be a capable and growth-orientated teacher. However, there has also been a recognition and acceptance of the most important lesson of these past twenty-one days – to truly live in the present moment, as it’s the only one that really counts."


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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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