My experience as a Guatemala Yoga Student – Matan

Yoga Student Testimonial – Matan

My experience as a Guatemala Yoga Teacher Training Student


Hold Space - Student Testimonial - Matan


I got to the Mystical Yoga Farm on the 24 of July this year. And was furtunate to have the chance to ground here and live in a counscious community with open hearted souls, off-grid, out in the open, nature all around me, blossoming flowers, butterflys and so much more abundance of life!

I came to The Mystical Yoga Farm and Central America with the intention to do my YTT, I was very open to where and when I will learn the training. I asked to stay at the farm after my 1 month commitment until january and participate in the YTT because I loved my new home! I was so glad to stay and live here and have the possibility to do the SYI training.


Hold space - Student Testimonial - Matan


Why did I choose SYI?

It was happening on this magical land. I was able to afford the pricing with living arrangements with the farm and a scholarship from the SYI. I was encouraged by my friends on the farm to do the training. I saw that the training wasn’t only about Asanas and also about spiritual growth and teachings.


What am I taking away from this training?

Dicipline in my daily sacred practices. Stepping up on my work ethics in all aspects of my life. Mindfullness in all, big or small – washing dishes, eating, drinking water, meditating, breathing, asanas, etc… Physical, emotional & spiritual growth.


What will I do with the 200 hr certification?

I will teach yoga as I travel across the world. I will continue in the future for 300 hr training. I want to live in councsious communities. I want to help feed all the children in the world so no child is hungrey and suffering. I want to share my gifts with my community and with the world. I want to find grounding, be part of the great mission to heal the world. I want to have a councsious, kind, respectful sacred romantic relationship with a beautiful soul, I want to create and explore life in a partnership. I want true love. I want to share my voice and my healing gifts with the world. I want to practice sadhana, pray, sing, dance. I want to remember more often. I want to have fun, remember that I might not be here tomorrow, enjoy the present moment.


Hold Space - Student Testimonial - Matan


How did your YTT with SYI influence/inspire you to do what you are doing now?

It gave me strength. It gave me tools to better my day to day life, to step up on my practice. SYI inspired me to live in community, to teach yoga, to do my practices, to live in the present moment. After going through this training I know I can do everything I desire on earth!


How would you like to empower others with your gifts?

I would love to empower others by leading by example. Continue on my healing path. Lead from the heart. Choose light. Hold space. Sing. Laugh, smile. Paying attention and mentioning the little things in life that we often forget.


How do you want to connect with others?

I choose heart connections! I’m inspired to show up as a child – open & fresh, ready to learn, having the excitement and curiocity of a child. Being strong on my boundaries with other souls- knowing my capacities of how to hold space. Giving and recieving. Doing my best not to take energy from others and stop others from taking energy from me. Approach and connect to others with mindfulness and loving awareness.

On the first day of the training I was in my mind a lot! Suffering from the new changes and resisting the teachers and the intensity of the training. On the second day in the morning Inka was leading the morning practice and the intention was Surrendering. I wasn’t surrendering. I was resisting, I had expectations of how things should go in my mind. Inka kept on asking us to surrender. “What keeps you from surrendering?”, “Accept the present moment”. I was in a place of judgement. I was resisting the present moment. After that practice I felt free, open, happy and present.





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