nadine batson. space holder that assists those in her presence to embrace the light and the dark with love and a grateful heart.


Nadine was born and raised in Germany, but from a young age felt the strong calling
to go out into the world and explore Mother Earth with all of her sweet beauty. In
2009, Nadine began to cultivate a meditation practice that revealed the essence of her
being. Later in 2012, yoga (or more the asana piece) found her while she was
studying for her BA degree in Social Work. This led to a deep exploration of diverse
communities and cultures. During university, Nadine volunteered and worked with
Amnesty International where she was able to grow her passion for helping people
through her deep desire to listen and be of service.

Nadine has studied and practiced various styles of yoga in Germany, Nepal, India,
and Bali. Ever since she showed up on the mat for the first time, Nadine has been
deeply committed to the sacred art of yoga and movement. Through this deep pulsing
passion, Nadine has been inspired to share her yogic wisdom and love of ceremony
with those she meets. For her, yoga is much more then only moving the body rather it
is going beyond and consciously embodying the spirit realms. The practice of
meditation and yoga helped Nadine to understand and use her sensitivity as a gift for
the world.

Following her calling, Nadine quit her Master’s degree to continue to travel the world
and learn more about indigenous cultures and equality. Through traveling, she found
her deep inner calling to work with people of all ages, and more specifically in
woman's and LGBTQIA* empowerment movement. She is passionate about the
environment, self-love, vegan food and living from the deepest roots of her heart.

Nadine leads sacred ceremonies and co-owns TRANSANCE a business that she
started together with her wife to connect people with their own unique spiritual
medicine and soul callings. Her passion is working with groups especially with
children and pregnant woman. Nadine uses her inner wisdom to deeply connect in
order to channel whatever wants to come through. She is a space holder that assists
those in her presence to embrace the light and the dark with love and a grateful heart.

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
― Mary Oliver



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