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Ray – Bali 200hr YTT


I first heard of School Yoga Institute through a friend, who at the time had just recently returned home from Peru after completing his 200-hour yoga teacher training, and I was instantly intrigued. I had been practicing yoga for about five years and wanted to learn more about the history and principles of yoga in order to deepen my practice.

He spoke of the school’s emphasis on the spiritual aspects of yoga, which resonated with me deeply and I was so curious to learn for myself. I pondered the idea for a while, but eventually forgot about it, finding it hard to justify spending thousands of dollars to fly across the world and do yoga for a month. However, the idea was always in the back of my mind. About six months later, it resurfaced again and I decided to follow my intuition and go for it. Initially, I was planning on going to Peru, as my friend did, but it just didn’t feel quite right and I eventually decided on Bali, the Island of the Gods.

Upon arriving on the island, I felt very content with my decision. Being half-Thai, Southeast Asia holds a very special place in my heart and Bali felt very familiar and comforting in that way. I was even happier upon arriving at Pondok Pitaya, the sacred location of our training, a lovely resort located on the beautiful, black-sand Balian Beach. It was quiet and secluded, free from distraction, the perfect place to reconnect with yourself and nature. The staff was so helpful and friendly and the food was absolutely amazing. I was very pleased to meet my classmates as well and was relieved that I got along with them so easily and we had so much in common. It seemed that we were all meant to be there, and it was no coincidence that we all felt the call to make the journey to Bali.

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The curriculum was rigorous but beautifully crafted. I found myself being pushed to my absolute limit each and every day, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. During the Jaguar cycle especially, I was forced to look deep within myself, open up, and be more vulnerable than I had ever been before. It was what I feared the most, but also what I needed the most. To take in so much information and undergo so much transformation in just 21 days was honestly a bit overwhelming, but it goes to show how much we are capable of through focus, dedication, and willpower.

It wasn’t all blood, sweat and tears, of course. We did many fun, light-hearted activities alongside our typical classroom work. On our days off, we hiked waterfalls, surfed waves, and explored caves. We held a variety of ceremonies, the Gift-Sharing Ceremony and the Cacao Ceremony being my favorites. So many laughs were shared and memories were made throughout our training.

I came to Bali without knowing a single person on the island, but I left with friends and family all around the world.