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It feels like everything that has happened in my life has been leading up to this moment. I started practicing yoga when I was 16 and from the very first class I took, I knew I wanted to be a teacher someday. I eventually enrolled in my 200hour YTT in 2016, but it wasn't until 2018 when I started teaching yoga.


I had a little over a year of experience with teaching when the pandemic began. The direction of my life had already begun to shift, so when the world was shaken by this experience, it really just pushed me further toward the path of yoga. I taught wherever and however often I could through the conditions of the pandemic. Despite all the limitations, I knew I had found my passion and I had to keep following it. When the world finally opened up again and travel became possible, I felt it was time to pursue my 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I had a huge desire to further my education and deepen my teaching practice.


I had been following SYI on Instagram for quite a long time. I was in Costa Rica earlier in the year and I visited a friend who had recently completed her 200 hour YTT in Peru through SYI. She had nothing but amazing things to say about the school. She spoke highly of her facilitators and of the location, as well as the space held. She emphasized the deep wisdom that was shared and received.


She also told me that SYI had scholarship opportunities and that was really significant for me. So when I returned home, I knew SYI was the school I wanted to attend.

I chose Costa Rica because I had just formed a beautiful connection to the land while I was there, and I resonated deeply with the name of the program; Holistic Yoga Psychology and Intuitive Wisdom. I applied online for a scholarship because I was limited financially. When I received the scholarship the next day, it felt like it was meant to be. I was beyond grateful and I still am.


I think my original perception of 300hr YTT was basically “how to become a better yoga teacher”. What I found myself immersed in was a more personally transformative experience than anything else. Through meditating thirty minutes every morning, practicing yoga for hours each day, and surrendering to many other intense processes, we were diving into the depths of ourselves. We had two profound breathwork journeys. We honored th new and full moons. We shared space and in it we shared our hearts.


Each meal, sunset, and circle we gathered for was sacred. We lived everyday like it was a ceremony. We were learning how to live life like a ceremony. I'm taking away so much more than how to be a better yoga teacher.I'm taking a new sense of self with me: a deeper connection with my own being, a greater connection with the earth, and immense capacity for connection with other people.

I feel like my takeaway from my 300 hour experience is the notion that we can only meet other people as deeply as we have met ourselves. Yoga is a practice of meeting yourself deeply. Teaching yoga is a practice of meeting others deeply. As yoga teachers, we must do this work ourselves if we wish to help others do the same.


With this 300 hour certification, I will continue teaching yoga and I will do this in as many creative ways as I can. I see myself getting involved in a little bit of everything, from teaching at workshops, retreats, trainings, and festivals, to hosting ceremonies and breathwork experiences. I’d also really love to start guiding meditations. My dream is to share yoga with my community and with the world, so I aspire to travel and teach yoga and I aspire to open a studio of my own one day.


My YTT with SYI influenced me to do what I am doing now because it made me realize that my dreams are possible and it reminded me that I am more than capable.

Yoga is an empowering practice in and of itself. It has positively transformed my life like nothing else has because it makes me feel powerful. I want to share yoga with people so that they may experience that feeling for themselves. I wish to use my gifts so that I may guide students through this experience to the best of my abilities. By creating a sacred container and holding space for observation, transformation, and reception, I want people to feel safe to go inward and meet themselves deeply. It's always my intention to provide an environment for people to take off their armor and their masks, where they can just breathe and BE in their body. So for me it really all comes down to empowering others TO FEEL.


I want to connect with others on a soul level. Whether we are on our yoga mats, on the dance floor, seated in a circle, or together one on one, I'm always open hearted and open minded. It is from this space of openness that deeper connection is possible.

It starts with connecting deeper to yourself and yoga helps us do this. When we connect within, we practice self love and we find empowerment. As we meet ourselves on a deeper level, we raise our vibration, which in effect ripples outward when we interact with others. As each of us vibrates higher, we raise the vibration of the globe.


It is said, “As within, so without”. I feel that yoga is this incredibly powerful technology for life. Yoga is wisdom and yoga is medicine that can benefit the lives of all humans. I believe that everyone should have access to yoga and that is why I’m so passionate about teaching and sharing this practice. It’s all about connection.


I’m forever grateful to SYI and will never forget my 300hour YTT experience.

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