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In July 2022 I followed the yoga teacher training of 200 hours in Costa Rica at the Aves resort. It was a very special training for me and life changing I could say. I chose SYI because I heard from a friend that she did the course last January and had a good experience, I also really wanted to do the course in the beautiful Costa Rica.


Before starting the program I followed yoga classes in Amsterdam for over a year on a regular basis. I started yoga because I wanted to heal my backpain I got from a car accident. Yoga healed my backpain (I had for over a year) within two months and that was when I realised I love yoga and that it is so good for me mentally, spiritually and physically.


My motivation for the training was to have a beautiful experience but also to learn more about yoga and dive deep into it.


Three personal lessons I learned from the training were:

  1. I can observe my ego, I am not my ego and the ego does not have to be in the driver seat (aka take over control).
  2. Everyone is a reflection of myself. If I feel a certain negative way about someone's behavior, I should ask myself what it is in me that I haven't yet healed.
  3. I am allowed to take in space and to show up as my highest self. I do not have to be afraid to stand in my own power.

During the training we did a lot of reflection, shadow work, visualization, meditations, reading. This meant a lot for me and I have grown so much because of this. At the end of the training we were asked what our 3 biggest lessons were and these were lessons I do not want to forget.


Before I started the training, I expected it to be som kind of yoga 'bootcamp' where I would become very strong and flexible and super good at the poses. While this was partly true, I realized quickly that my expection was rooted in my ego's wishes. Eventually the physical growth/strength I got of the training, was not the main goal for me anymore. I went really inwards and got so many realizations about what is important to me in this life and what my gifts are. And that is so much more valuable than what my hopes or expectations were for my body; it was so much more than only growing in my strength or practice.


I realized I want to be of service to more people. I love healing work, breathwork and found out one of my gifts is to hold space for others and create safe spaces. To actually be that safe space for others. I am at this point not completely sure yet what I am gonna do with my cerificate. I would love to teach and/or organize wellness and healing events. But I am open to anything that will come on my path after I am back in my home city. I am eager to keep on learning and developing as a yoga teacher and truly live a yogic lifestyle.

I am very thankful for the new perspectives the training and the lovely people I met along the journey have given me. I have traveled for another 3.5 weeks through Costa Rica after the training and I feel so much more grounded and calm within myself than before.


The training has also introduced me to the power of breathwork and the sacred plant medicine cacao. A world of natural healing has opened for me which I am so excited to explore more deeply. One of my favorite memories was actually the first cacao ceremony.


Everyone was so sweet to each other, I started crying because I felt so much love and fullness in me that I overflowed with it. I never experienced that before. We were cuddling and saying loving words to eachother. It was such a beautiful and sacred experience for me. We had meaningful conversations after it and I have made such strong connections with the others because of these special experiences. It was easy to be vulnerable with eachother because we were all going through the same thing.


Thank you SYI for this unforgettable, magical journey. It feels like the beginning of a new chapter for me and I am forever grateful that I was able to experience this.

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