Costa Rica Student Yoga Testimonial - Anna Featured Image

Anna – Costa Rica 300hr YTT


Leading up to my 300-hour, I spent two years looking for the perfect training and saving money. I can say with absolute confidence that this was absolutely that. When people ask me how my experience and training was, I genuinely say that I could not have asked for a better, more fitting training for me. This training had everything from a well thought out daily routine and curriculum, to a group of accommodating facilitators who were able to shift and mold the training to our group’s needs.

Leaving this training, I felt like I learned everything I had hoped to and then some. I left feeling fully prepared to take on the “real world” after such an amazing experience. Aside from the well-rounded, all-encompassing training, AVES Hotel was absolutely stunning.

Every day, our rooms were cleaned while we were away, and our beds were made for us. Beyond that, the food was incredible. I am not used to being a vegetarian but Aves’ chef, Jo, made the most satisfying meals for us — I barely even noticed I was missing meat. There was a huge variety of options every single day and I found myself never bored of the meals and always excited to see what would be served next.

Overall, I left with amazing memories and felt beyond prepared to teach a 500-hour level class.