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Hannah – Costa Rica 300hr YTT


This 300-hour yoga teacher training – holistic psychology and intuitive wisdom – has been exactly that, what I have been looking for and needed. It was a profound and transformational time filled with new experiences, learnings, lessons, deep connection, healing, love, awesome moments, fun and so much more. Supported by the land and wonderful nature of Costa Rica, the beautiful location Aves Resort located in the middle of the jungle, yoga shala with ocean view, wild animals around, varied delicious vegan, and vegetarian food, and friendly, happy staff.

Held by awesome, warm-hearted, and wise facilitators. They supported us to step into our power, medicine, and intuition as they held space for a healing process. In this training, we moved through the Peruvian Shamanic wheel. In the different cycles, we have learned, explored, and experienced the different directions of the wind, the spiritual animals and the elements. Kirtan, drinking cacao, ceremonies, rituals, singing, drum journeys, breath work, practicing and teaching classes, meditation, etc. have been part of it. The whole course was an opportunity and invitation for deep soul exploration, transforming challenges, grounding, enlightenment, and embodiment. In this moment I am feeling so connected, peaceful, calm, excited to share, and deeply grateful.

I choose SYI because they are a spiritually focused organization, that offers yoga alliance certified courses in sacred and beautiful locations worldwide. They interweave yoga, philosophy, anatomy, ancient wisdom, and modern spirituality. I really appreciate that the school and teachers invite their students to explore their own practice, truth, gift, and medicine. In addition to this, they are open to all spiritual paths. The school, which has experience over a lot of years, also offers alumni programs and support.

Meet Hannah | School Yoga Institute Costa Rica 300Hh YTT Alumni | Images Desktop
Meet Hannah | School Yoga Institute Costa Rica 300Hh YTT Alumni | Images Mobile

What will I take away from this training?

That we have everything within ourselves – light, love, nature, peace, power… Through the training, we have created such a deep connection to our inner self, intuition, body, and heart. Yoga is so much more than asana, stretching, or a workout. Furthermore, I will take with me the mindfulness with myself, others and Mother nature. Last but not least the joy, awesome moments, and memories, we have created especially during ceremonies.

This certification allows me to register as a 500-hour yoga teacher at the Yoga Alliance and supports me in realizing my dream of becoming a full time yoga teacher. My vision is to share yoga, to give other people the opportunity to explore yoga and themselves, and to invite them to heal and connect, to find stillness and love.

Two years ago I quit my studies in diet and nutrition shortly before my degree, because I was looking for something holistic and did not only want to focus on numbers, sizes, weight or to fulfill guidelines. This break-off was the beginning of a new chapter and my way of becoming a yoga teacher. This training supported me on my path, taught me more knowledge and let me experience a holistic way of life. As English is not my first language (I am from Germany) the course gave me more faith in teaching in English.

How would you like to empower others with your gifts?

It is a pleasure for me to invite people to explore their own bodies, to immerse themselves, and to connect with the light and love within through spiritual and ancient wisdom and mother nature. Through my classes I would like to invite people to the ground, to connect to nature.