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Kelsey – Costa Rica 300hr YTT


I have been teaching yoga for roughly three years and decided it was time to deepen my knowledge and personal spiritual practices. When I started looking into 300 hour certifications I wanted to find one that covered more then yoga poses and the basics of yoga. School Yoga Institute 300 hour in Holistic Pychology and Intuitive Wisdom in Costa Rica was exactly what I wanted and, after doing the certification I discovered I deeply needed this as well. During the certification I healed parts of me that were so deep and rooted I did not even know they were still there. I felt I finally was able to channel my intuitive wisdom and really channel my ability to let my heart be my guide.

The use of the Peruvian Medicine wheel allowed me to dive deeper into myself in such an organic way. This allowed a process that was already a challenging one to move seamlessly for me. After this training I am ready to share all of the benefits of yoga as a whole. It is my goal to teach anyone in my classes or path that yoga is so much more then movement. Yoga is a way to dive deeper into ourselves and become our true self.

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During this training I discovered I have a lot of different avenues I want to dive into for example, becoming a dula. I want help mothers discover the most natural birthing path for themselves and become their biggest advocate for their journey. I also have business ideas to feed my wants of wanting to show the holistic benefits of yoga. I can truly say none of this would of been possible without my certification through the School Yoga Institute.

The last and most important thing I will carry with me from this journey is the people I got to travel on this journey with. I met people that will be life long best friends. I got to learn from people who come from all walks of life. I also had four facilitators that truly poured their entire being into our training and created a time in my life I will never forget.