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Mercedes – Costa Rica 300hr YTT


I am writing this reflection to express the profound impact that my 300-hour yoga teacher training in the lush jungles of Costa Rica has had on my life. This transformative experience has not only deepened my understanding of yoga but has also reshaped my entire perspective on life and self-discovery.

From the moment I set foot in the captivating embrace of Mother Nature’s splendor, I knew that this journey would be unlike any other. The dense foliage and vibrant energy of the jungle created an ideal setting for my personal and spiritual growth. What I anticipated to be a program that would refine my physical practice quickly revealed itself to be an intricate tapestry of self-discovery, connection, and profound transformation.

The connections I fostered with my fellow students, the facilitators, and the nurturing environment around us were like roots grounding me in an experience that words can hardly encompass. The shared journey through the challenges and triumphs of the training created bonds that I know will last a lifetime. In the heart of the jungle, we not only studied yoga but also forged a collective spirit that harmonized with the natural world around us.

While I initially embarked on this training with the intention of enhancing my physical practice, the depths to which I delved were nothing short of spiritual revelation. The structured curriculum provided the framework, but it was the safe and nurturing space cultivated by School Yoga Institute that enabled me to venture beyond the physical and explore the spiritual dimensions of yoga. Through introspection and guided practices, I felt empowered to peel away layers of self-doubt, revealing an authentic connection with myself that had been waiting to flourish.

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In this sanctuary of self-exploration, I found a unique platform to expand my practice in ways I never imagined. The guidance of the facilitators gently nudged me toward embracing meditation, pranayama, and philosophical studies that were far beyond the scope of my expectations. As I explored these facets of yoga, I unraveled a tapestry of inner peace, resilience, and purpose that now weaves through every aspect of my life.

Reflecting upon my experience with School Yoga Institute, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for their role in nurturing my growth. They held a space that encouraged vulnerability, authenticity, and transformation. Through their wisdom and guidance, they facilitated an environment where I could spread my wings and soar into the spiritual realms of yoga.

As I look back on this incredible journey, I recognize that it is not just a certificate that I hold in my hands but a testament to my personal evolution. The jungle of Costa Rica will forever remain the backdrop of my journey, a landscape that mirrored the wild beauty of my inner transformation.