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Faith – Guatemala 200hr YTT


It’s taken some time for me to digest the beautiful transformation that took place during my training with SYI. I completed my 200-hour YTT in Guatemala at the Mystical Yoga Farm. Getting to learn and grow alongside 12 other amazing human beings was an experience I’ll never forget. We sang, danced, cried and we laughed— Oh did we laugh. Although the days were long and filled with an abundance of knowledge, I rarely felt my focus stray away from what was being taught. My wonderful teachers, Anita and Katie, kept the lessons and labs engaging and interesting. 

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It’s been hard to find the words to describe my training because it was an experience that was so deeply felt. My heart was wide open and so was my mind. This training started a fire deep down inside of me. Reminding me of my power and my true divinity in this life. This experience forever changed how I’ll show up in the world and who I am at my core.

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