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Rebecca – Guatemala 200hr YTT


My experience with School Yoga Institute at Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala was nothing short of miraculous. I cannot even begin to describe how my teachers, Anita and Katie, my super special peers that are now family, and the magical land I stayed in, cracked my heart wide open and changed my life. The abundance of knowledge in these two women, my guides and goddesses was so inspiring.

Every single student was also a teacher. I felt safe, loved, and held in every way imaginable. No one person can understand the transformation that happens during Yoga teacher training. It is like a bright spotlight broadcasting the dark, the shadows in us that force us to embrace them, nurture them, brighten them, and use them as a catalyst for transformation.

 Being reminded of our divinity, our connected consciousness, and the magic of our existence through deep soul-searing journeys, asana, pranayama, meditation, singing, chanting, playing, honesty, kindness, tons of medicinal tears, and just as much laughter. I am changed. I always knew a connection like this; to myself, others, and all that is existed but I didn’t know how to find it and I never felt truly fulfilled in my life until now. 

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 Through this ancient lineage, its traditions and sacredness, and the wonderful people I was blessed to make my family within 21 days, I’ve found my way back home to me. I found light in the dark, beauty in simplicity, courage through fear, excitement in the mundane, and most importantly love all around me and through me.

In a world where nothing is ever certain, things get rocky and devastating and scary, I now have the tools to stay grounded, find peace, quiet the noise, and find that all the love I’ve ever needed, is right here inside me.. and my SYI family is forever engrained in my soul to remind me of that if I ever forget. I am eternally grateful for this journey. And this is only the beginning. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you!

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