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Adriana – Hybrid Trauma-Informed 200hr YTT


I come from a community that tends to be unbalanced in its perspective on yoga. Some love it, and many fear it. I forgot that that fear existed until I came home from my yoga teacher training. I was met by my community with many questions, some confusion, a lot of excitement, and also some fear. 

I think that in life, what scares people the most are the things that are unfamiliar or that are uncomfortable due to past experiences or negative associations, and what I love about the type of training I received at the School Yoga Institute in Costa Rica is that because it was trauma-informed I feel equipped to meet those people who are uncomfortable because of what is unfamiliar or what has negative associations when it comes to movement in the body.

I feel able to meet each question with honest, educated, answers; meet confusion with confident stability; excitement with genuine; and fear with as much comfort as I can muster – staying balanced knowing that I cannot calm every fear and I cannot meet everyone where they need to be met – but not for lack of trying because I cannot wait to share the tools I’ve been given with anyone and everyone I am able. 

Meet Adriana | School Yoga Institute Hybrid 200Hh YTT Alumni | Images Desktop
Meet Adriana | School Yoga Institute Hybrid 200Hh YTT Alumni | Images Mobile

I love what I learned in this training about the nervous system and letting go of what the body has kept score of. I love the movement and embodiment and sensory exploration during a yoga practice. I love the practice of noticing what feels safe and good in my body. The art of teaching oneself that they can explore their window of tolerance and with practice remain safe and in control the whole time.

I love the importance of feeling and experiencing emotions as they flow through the body and learning to maintain balance and grounding in the process. I love how these skills apply to more than just movement ~asana~ practice but also to experiencing life and interacting with humans in general.