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Ashante – Online 200hr YTT


Choosing the path of completing my 200-hour yoga teacher certification with the School Yoga Institute (SYI) has been a deeply personal and transformative journey.  As I reflect on the winding road that brought me to this moment, it’s clear that this experience was more than an educational pursuit; it was a profound commitment to my own well-being and the well-being of others.

The decision to pursue this certification was sparked by a profound realization – the recognition of unaddressed trauma within my body that traditional talk therapy hadn’t touched. I found myself at a crossroads, ready to transmute this stored pain, seeking a holistic approach that went beyond words. Although I had never envisioned becoming a yoga instructor, my desire to heal myself and be a catalyst for the healing of others became the driving force behind this decision.

Entering this journey with no prior yoga experience, I was armed only with a deep yearning for transformation and a willingness to explore the unknown. Watching a friend complete her certification with SYI served as a pivotal moment, inspiring me to undertake this profound journey with the same school. The decision was further affirmed by the fortunate opportunity to receive a scholarship, making the seemingly distant dream of certification a tangible reality.

The realization that financial constraints were no longer a barrier opened my heart to the possibilities that lay ahead. Grateful for the support that made this journey feasible, I dove into the immersive curriculum with an open mind and a receptive spirit. The teachings from SYI not only equipped me with the tools to become a yoga teacher but also became a catalyst for a broader mission – the creation of a trauma-informed recovery space within my own heart-centered business and community – Synchronized Souls. 

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The insights gained from the SYI training inspired me to build a comprehensive resource library within my membership, comprising over 100 carefully curated materials. Many of these resources align with the topics I delved into during the course, contributing to resources aimed at empowering souls on their healing journeys. This endeavor is a testament to the ripple effect of the transformative experience offered by SYI – it goes beyond personal growth to influence the creation of intentional and accessible resources for healing.

To make the benefits of yoga accessible to my Synchronized Souls community, I began offering free yoga classes. The joy of creating intentional spaces for healing, where souls can continue their trauma recovery journey through embodiment, is immeasurable. This outreach aligns with my commitment to fostering inclusivity and making healing practices available to all, regardless of background or financial means.

Participating in the SYI training online added a unique dimension to my experience. Connecting with fellow participants from around the world was inspiring in so many ways. It served as a powerful reminder that I wasn’t alone on this journey – that souls from diverse backgrounds and corners of the globe shared a common thread of seeking healing and growth through trauma-informed yoga. This global connection reinforced the universality of the human experience and deepened my understanding of the transformative power of yoga to bridge distances and forge meaningful connections.

As I look ahead, the impact of the SYI training extends far beyond the certification itself. It has become a catalyst for personal growth, a source of inspiration for creating meaningful resources, and a driving force behind my commitment to facilitating healing spaces. With gratitude in my heart, I carry forward the teachings, experiences, and connections forged during this training, embracing the next chapter of my journey with a renewed sense of purpose and the knowledge that this is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment to healing and empowerment.”