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Amberly – Peru 200hr YTT


I received my 200-hour yoga teacher training through The School Yoga Institute this fall at the beautiful Munay Sonqo Peru. The location was set in the Sacred Valley amongst the Andes Mountains.  

Three weeks before leaving for my trip, I fell while roller skating and broke my wrist. This was disheartening, to say the least, and not how I envisioned my trip beginning. I didn’t understand the lesson at the time. As I lay in bed healing it came to me that I needed rest. I was overworking and found myself energetically drained. I did not have healthy boundaries with work, and I was not doing anything about it. I came to YTT to find my voice and found so much more. I found my soul tribe!

I have practiced yoga consistently for over 10 years. My body knew the asanas. What I needed was to verbalize each pose so I could confidently teach. I had taken a YTT 6 years ago and never finished because I was not confident or ready at the time. This weighed heavy on my mind. Yoga opened me up emotionally.   I found a winding path to self-love and healing. Through practicing yoga I was led to Reiki, foot reflexology, and polarity therapy. The calling to teach was always there and my body immediately said yes when I was introduced to School Yoga Institute through a friend.

I am a single mom and am still in classes for polarity therapy once a month. Adding another weekend of classes to my already busy on top of working full-time schedule was not an option. SYI offers the 200-hour certification in three weeks. Plus there were so many beautiful locations across the world to study. This was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my dream of learning to teach yoga and to travel to Peru.   

I thought I knew what to anticipate during training because I had been through a program before. The profound level of healing that occurred was way more than I expected! Our teachers Janani and Javi put together healing ceremonies, and meditations, and were masters at holding space for our group. I was able release patterns, relationships, and doubts that were holding me back from following my dreams. We learned way more than asanas. They showed us how to incorporate yogic philosophy as well as the Peruvian shamanic medicine wheel in every aspect of our life. I will use these life skills to continue to grow and evolve forever. 

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My biggest takeaway was as Javi put it “remembering who I am.” It was emotional to look at all the little ways I gave my power away and fell into fear along my path. The SYI teachers gave me the gift of seeing who I am without shame or fear. This shift in perspective was exactly what I needed. I now feel confident to share my gifts with the world.

I see myself merging yoga with my energy-healing practices. The health care system focuses on healing individual diseases without looking at the whole person, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I will show people this expansive picture of their health, and will not just focus on their disease. My intention is to empower people to heal themselves through an integrative practice that releases traumas held in their bodies through healing arts such as yoga, Reiki, and polarity therapy. Together we will peel the layers away to reveal the beautiful person underneath so they too can remember who they are.

The way our SYI teachers held and supported the space gave me great inspiration to hold small healing circles and retreats. They showed me the magnitude of healing that can happen with support from each other. One of the most impactful ceremonies for me involved sharing with a partner in the class all the things we would like to say to our parents. Then we shared the apology we would like to hear. This was extremely emotional for me. I felt such a relief, although days after. One of the most difficult things for me to put down was the things from my childhood and this helped ease the process. I felt more compassion for my parents and myself because of this experience. 

Learning the asanas was so fun and actually provided relief from some of the heaviness of the ceremonies. Both teachers were extremely knowledgeable and gave different perspectives on the poses. Javi did a great job explaining the anatomy and physiology. Janani gave us very succinct language and showed us how to efficiently craft a class from beginning to end. I now feel very well equipped to put together a soul-moving, safe, and effective class! 

I met a whole new soul family because of SYI. Thank you so much for making it your mission to share the healing powers of yoga with the world!

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