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Megan – Peru 200hr YTT


As soon as you arrive, you can feel deep in your bones why this place is called the Sacred Valley, or Valle Sagrado. The 200-hour Peru Yoga Teacher Training at Munay Sonqo offered so much more than I expected – the natural surroundings, the setting of the retreat center, the nourishing food provided, and the community built all facilitated a deep and transformative experience. 

The natural world and its lessons have long called to me, as someone who spends most of my time outdoors by way of growing food and recreating in the mountains and desert of my home in Colorado. Before my YTT, however, I had been feeling directionless and wandering in my internal path. Though I do meaningful advocacy work, I was still feeling a yearning for something more, an outlet to connect spiritually. I’ve practiced yoga in some form for years, but could never find a practice that would stick. When the opportunity arose to immerse myself in a SYI course, guided by the Peruvian shamanic medicine wheel, I knew there was no other option but to pursue it. 

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Janani and Javi, our course facilitators, seemed to seamlessly hold space for me and the other students for the duration of our 21 days together. Courses ranged from yoga philosophy and studying the Sutras, to physical anatomy in yoga practices, to detailed breakdowns of each and every posture in the flows we were learning, and a variety of teaching styles and assists to offer in our practices. The additional activities of each cycle added another layer of integration and deep personal work, deepening relationships with other students and with ourselves, matching the energy of the serpent, jaguar, hummingbird, and condor.

My 200-hour course allowed me to explore another layer of “home,” feeling held and nurtured by the land – the mountains, the water, the flowers and trees and the birds all weaving their fibers into a vibrant tapestry that will live in my heart. Returning home, I’m lit up with a curiosity to continue this journey of self-discovery and a commitment to bring this to others all on the path of stepping into our full Selves. I’m teaching at my local yoga and movement studio, and so excited about what the future holds. My time in Peru with SYI has built the foundation I need to keep learning and exploring, and I am so grateful for this transformative experience.

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