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When I completed my 200hr training and set out on my yoga teacher journey, it was always with the intention of eventually teaching prenatal yoga. I wanted to blend my love of yoga and the birth world, but when I set out to look for prenatal yoga teacher trainings, many of them only seemed to focus on the physical asana practice and not so much on the spiritual and emotional transformation.


In my experience as a doula, I knew that pregnancy is an incredibly sacred and spiritual time in a woman’s life, and that prenatal yoga could benefit her in so many ways. When I came across SYI, I read their excerpt “Who is a Mystical Mama?” and instantly connected w ith their description of a divinely feminine woman, who was connected with both herself and her baby, living in harmony with the cycles of nature.


I wanted to learn from like minded individuals who held this viewpoint on pregnancy and motherhood, rather than the popular “labour-is-the-worst-thing-ever” or “hot-mess-mom” narrative that seems to be taking over these days. I chose to do my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with SYI because I knew in my soul that they had a grounded, positive approach to pregnancy, which is the message I want to share with the world.

Our training was held at the incredible Anamaya Resort in beautiful Montezuma, Costa Rica. From the moment I stepped out of the taxi, I could feel my energy shift. It was such a magical, grounding and highly spiritual area, which was a perfect environment to step away from the business of everyday life, and go inward. We were nestled up on the hill in the jungle, overlooking the ocean, where nature and wildlife surrounded us. Animals were always close by, with howler monkeys and toucans often overlooking our classes.


For our course work, we didn’t simply read from a book about what pregnancy might look like, we actually embodied each trimester and felt it for ourselves. Even something as simple as practicing a “third trimester class” with a pillow in my shirt helped my understanding so much. It was a very unique experience to flow through classes and practice visualizations this way and it truly gave me a fresh perspective, even though I came into the training with previous education and an understanding of pregnancy. We also discussed in detail the emotional and energetic transformations a pregnant woman may experience, and had the opportunity to learn (via Zoom) from two guest speakers who specialized in those topics.


Our teachers, Gabriella and Inka, were both incredibly knowledgeable and taught us how to safely lead our students in a prenatal yoga class. I loved their empowering style of teaching and I sincerely enjoyed learning from all of the women in our group. We developed a true sisterhood as we held space for one another, sitting circled up or knee to knee. We shared stories, cried with one another, and laughed often… we even spent one evening jumping around the pool together in the pouring rain! I made such meaningful connections that I will carry with me throughout my life, and I am so grateful for them.

I am going to use my Prenatal Yoga Teacher certification to create a truly safe space for pregnant women in my community. I want to share the message and intention that prenatal yoga can prepare you for labour (and beyond!) in more ways than just physical strengthening. I want to help them unpack their fears, become comfortable with their bodies, learn to breathe and utilize visualization and mantras to enhance their transformational journey. I am manifesting a space and community where I can guide pregnant women to tap into their intuition and step into their full power, through prenatal yoga.


It’s hard to sum up what this week with SYI has truly meant to me, but I can say that it has opened me up to new possibilities and allowed me to release so many things that didn’t serve me. I left the training feeling grounded, clear, and empowered to take what I had learned back home to my community. SYI introduced me to different rituals and ceremonies that truly helped deepen my practice and connection to myself. I’m forever grateful for such an incredible gift. I’m excited to take what I’ve learned here and continue my journey as a prenatal yoga teacher. Thank you SYI, from the bottom of my heart!

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