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This Hybrid Trauma-Informed 200hr YTT takes place at Earth Lodge, an eco-friendly lodge, restaurant, avocado farm, and yoga destination, located 7km outside of Antigua and 6000 feet into the mountains above Antigua, Guatemala. Earth Lodge is a unique and wonderful natural retreat, we are famous for our volcano views, delicious home-cooked meals, comfortable and private accommodations, and friendly staff.


The online portion of this program will allow us to cultivate a strong container with clear guidelines and foundational principles to follow as a cohort so that our time together can be utilized as a space of vulnerability, discovery, and learning. We will use our virtual time together to cover didactic material to ensure that we all have the same fundamental understanding of trauma-informed work before we meet in person. With this solid foundation in place, we can then continue this exploration which is further amplified through interpersonal, in-real-life exchanges and discussions. We hope you can join us for this ½ online ½ in person 200hr YTT in Guatemala!

When “teaching” Yoga, we are not just guiding poses.

We are guiding people.

We are guiding nervous systems.

We are guiding complex and unique physiologies.

Each of us has a different orientation of how we perceive our own safety or lack thereof. Through a psycho-somatic understanding of Trauma and the ways it lives in the body, we can embrace the practice of Yoga in a way that permits each individual to have their own experience. Psycho-education around dissociation and disembodiment can give us the tools to not only understand our own physiology but the ways in which the inner worlds and trauma responses of the folks that we work with may differ from our own.

Trauma-Informed Hybrid YTT Testimonial

“Brooke and Jeanine are amazing! They are incredibly intuitive and capable of holding space for each individual within the group. They offered fantastic opportunities to explore and be creative within our own practices. And they are just FUN to be around!


This training has provided an abundance of healing and understanding of my own trauma. It has provided me with an opportunity to meet others that have been through similar situations, as well as those that have been through their own type of traumas. We are all on a path to healing and being around so many like-minded individuals in this group setting has been both liberating and empowering.


When I first decided to pursue YTT, I was questioning whether it was simply a desire to deepen my own practice, or if the desire was actually a higher calling. Through this training I have found my dharma. I know, without a doubt, I am called to bring this training back to my community and help to others find their way to healing.”


Jamie Holcomb, Hybrid Costa Rica 200hr Graduate


~ ONLINE: February 9 - February 28, 2024 ~ Virtual Program

~ IN-PERSON: March 15 - March 24, 2024 ~ Immersion at Earth Lodge, Guatemala

Online Schedule:


Friday-Sunday, February 9-11, 2024
Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Friday-Sunday, February 23-25, 2024
Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Wednesday/Friday: 3-7p PST Live on Zoom

Saturday/Sunday: 8a-4p PST Live on Zoom

In-Person Schedule:


7:00 - 9:30a - Asana, Meditation, Pranayama

9:30 - 10:30a - Breakfast

10:30 - 1:30p - Trauma Informed Lecture

1:30 - 3:30p - Lunch/Break

3:30 - 6:30p - Asana Lab

6:30 - 7:30p - Dinner

7:30p - Evening Activity


This 200hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Training will weave through 4 cycles: Stabilize, Metabolize, Visualize, and Alchemize. The intention for the flow of this program is to invite students into a deep reflective space of Self Confrontation and then to empower them to excavate their wounds into their wisdom and their pain into their purpose through Service.

The Trauma-Informed 200hr Curriculum includes:


  • Creating community + setting a solid container
  • SYI’s Trauma-Informed Slow Flow + Yin Sequences
  • How to safely cue + guide Meditation, Pranayama + Surya Namaskar (classical, A + B)
  • Foundations of Trauma-Informed yoga
  • Nervous System Education
  • Introduction to Polyvagal Theory
  • Dissociation + Embodiment
  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • Trauma-Sensitive Meditation + Pranayama
  • Trauma, Core Beliefs + Reparenting
  • Yoga Anatomy + Physiology


  • Asana Alignment + Hands-on Assists
  • SYI’s Trauma Informed Vinyasa Flow
  • Ceremonies + Rituals
  • Interpersonal Workshops, Partner Work, and Authentic Relating Exercises
  • Somatic Experiencing Foundations
  • Peer Teaching (To receive your Yoga Alliance 200 hr Certification you will be required to teach a full 90-minute sequence to a peer)
  • Principles of Trauma-Informed spaces - Community Project offerings
  • Inclusivity, Accessibility, + Yoga for Social Justice
  • Business of Yoga - Stepping out into the world Trauma-Informed

A yoga space that honors the nuance of the human experience facilitates an environment where each practitioner can take agency over their own bodily autonomy, nervous system regulation, and power of choice. A truly trauma-informed environment embraces and welcomes all emotional realities while highlighting the undeniable truth that embodiment means discerning for oneself what feels right and what feels safe in each moment.


Our integration of this knowledge then informs the way that we show up to hold space for others on their mats. With compassion, curiosity, and kindness we can broaden our willingness to meet the fluctuations of being human both within ourselves and within each other. Embodiment practices, such as Yoga asana, are proven to be the most effective modality in trauma recovery. With this in mind, we learn that we can excavate art from our painful experiences and use it all as a source of freedom and authentic self-expression.


Through the lens of Trauma-Informed education, Yoga is not only an art and a science but a necessity for the future of our world at large.


There are two required booked for this course:

Hybrid Trauma-Informed YTT Books 2

You will receive our Trauma-Informed 200-hour Manuals before the course begins.

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~ $ 2400 - Pay in Full (cannot be combined with scholarships or other promotions/discounts)

~ $ 2600 - Payment Plan




~ $1000 - Triple

~ $1200 - Double

~ $1500 - Private


* Your tuition + room and board includes our online virtual experience along with 9 nights of lodging and 3 delicious Gourmet meals per day in Guatemala Tuition is a separate cost from rooming. All prices are in USD.

Note: Prices above do not include travel, additional reading materials or extras.

We offer a limited amount of scholarships for our Trauma-Informed trainings! Scholarships are on a first come, first serve basis. Learn more about scholarships here.

We also offer Payment Plan options. Email info@schoolyogainstitute.com to learn more about scholarships and payment options

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OUR guatemala hybrid ytt FACILITATORS

February 9 - February 28, 2024 (Virtual Program) & March 15 - March 24, 2024 (Guatemala In-Person) - Jeanine & Brooke



Earth Lodge is an eco-friendly lodge, restaurant, avocado farm, and yoga destination. We are located 7km outside of Antigua and 6000 feet into the mountains above Antigua, Guatemala. Earth Lodge is a unique and wonderful natural retreat, we are famous for our volcano views, delicious home-cooked meals, comfortable and private accommodations, and friendly staff.


The Treetop Yoga Studio is tucked into the hillside amongst the avocado plantation with stunning views of the nearby volcanoes and the Panchoy valley below. The amazing peaceful atmosphere makes it the perfect space to practice yoga.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Trauma Informed and a standard 200hr Yoga Teacher Training?


In terms of credentials, our Trauma-Informed 200hr Yoga Teacher Training provides you with the same Yoga Alliance standard protocols for teaching yoga internationally that any standard 200hr curriculum would. The primary differences in the Trauma-informed approach are the focus and emphasis on Yoga for mental health, emotional regulation, nervous system psycho-education and teaching Yoga in a more accessible way.

Is this hybrid program certified with Yoga Alliance?



WHat is the total cost?


Tuition is $2600 for this program or $2400 if you pay in full. Room + Board is a separate cost depending on your room choice.


~ $1000 - Triple

~ $1200 - Double

~ $1500 - Private


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- Mary Oliver

Need more information? Have questions about our Trauma-Informed programs?