Exploring well-being and humanity through a bio-psycho-social model.

“Trauma-informed care is a strengths based framework that is grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma, that emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors, and that creates opportunities for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment.”


A trauma-informed approach is a curiosity-focused methodology and pedagogy that relentlessly asks “why?”. Together in this advanced Trauma-Informed 300hr Yoga Teacher Training, we will deconstruct what Yoga truly is and reconstruct how we define and utilize this ancient and sacred language through the study of somatics, functional movement, intuitive arts, neuroscience and biomechanics. We will delve deep into advanced yoga philosophy and how these incorporeal ideas can not be divorced from the scientific and holistic study of the human body.


This training will invoke deep inquiry, demanding critical thinking and discernment, giving you the tools to move forward with confidence to share your unique art in an embodied way with the world.


This advanced Trauma-Informed 300hr Yoga Teacher Training explores our well-being and humanity through a bio-psycho-social model.


Through this approach, we see Trauma not as what is wrong with us but instead what has happened to us and how we’ve integrated that into the layers of our being. We then use the therapeutic benefits of Yoga to investigate both ourselves and others with compassion and to look at the interplay between all aspects of reality - biology, psychology, society, and spirituality.


It is now academically and medically understood that trauma cannot be healed strictly at the layer of cognitive understanding or processing. In order to work through the deep dimensions of how we store trauma, we need to work with body, conditioning, breath, energetics, and spirituality.


Yogic philosophy and energetic anatomy has understood these principles for centuries. With a focus on vagal toning and a nuanced dissection of Yoga asana through the lens of the pañcamaya model (often known as the the koshas), we can profoundly enhance the way we understand and celebrate both our own existence and complexity as well as the existence and complexity of those we choose to work with. In this program we will move through 5 cycles that correlate with the koshas, discovering how anatomy, cognition, breath, energy, and spirituality all need to have a sense of cohesion for a human being to experience true embodied liberation and peace.


~ ONLINE: Nov 8 - Dec 8, 2024 ~ Virtual Program

~ IN-PERSON: Dec 16 - 23, 2024 ~ Immersion at Mar de Jade Retreat Center in Chacala, Mexico.

Online Schedule:


Friday - Sunday: November 8-10

Friday - Sunday: November 22-24

Friday - Sunday: December 6-8

In Person Schedule:


7:00 - 9:30a - Asana, Meditation, Pranayama

9:30 - 10:30a - Breakfast

10:30 - 1:30p - Trauma Informed Lecture

1:30 - 3:30p - Lunch/Break

3:30 - 6:30p - Asana Lab

6:30 - 7:30p - Dinner

7:30p - Evening Activity


In the past few years, we have discovered the potent potential of gathering online. We have been astounded by the level of authentic and vulnerable relating that is possible in the digital sphere. It is also one of our initiatives as an organization to have our life-changing curriculum be accessible. By setting the container structure and guidelines with our three weekends online, we then have a sense of familiarity and community as we gather for our 7-night intensive in-person! We believe that this hybrid format is the future of Yoga Teacher Training as it is tailored to be more flexible and gives the opportunity of pursuing a YTT to more individuals!


We will utilize interactive Zoom Rooms to create space for more intimate connections, dialogues, and conversations. We emphasize all three styles of learning in our online programs (visual, audio, kinesthetic) through our didactic material which is organized into thorough PowerPoint presentations, and our anatomy and asana sessions which are physical and interactive.


Live attendance with camera on during the virtual weekends is required for this Yoga Alliance 300hr Certification. All live sessions will be recorded and each participant is permitted to miss three classes and submit a written reflection.




~ $ 2800 - Pay in Full

~ $ 3000 - Payment Plan




~ $ 1,150 - Dorm

~ $1,400 - Guest Double

~ $ 1,650 - Garden Double

~ $1,750 - Ocean Double

~ $2,450 - Ocean Private


All Prices are in USD

Email info@schoolyogainstitute.com to learn more about scholarships and payment options.


*Please note that this a professional Yoga Teacher Training and not an intensive therapy program. It is expected that participants have their own support and therapeutic modalities in place while going through this training. While of course there will be space for personal reflection, it is imperative that the container remains strong and that we are not unloading or processing our traumatic experiences in this space. If you need guidance finding a therapist prior to starting this course, we are happy to help!

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Nov 8 - Dec 8, 2024 (Online) & Dec 16 - 23, 2024 (In-Person in Mexico) with Jeanine, Raquel, Brooke and Nichole


Becoming trauma informed means we become true allies in the growth of our students. By weaving trauma-informed principles into our work we can cultivate the safety and trust that are foundations for healing and growth. When taught with awareness, the practice of Yoga is a natural support for nervous system regulation and building physical and emotional resilience. By becoming trauma-informed we, as space holders, can become increasingly aware of how our classes can play an integral part in the healing path of our students.

Curriculum overview:

  • Research-based academic reading on traumatic stress, yoga and embodiment
  • Research on heart rate variability and how yoga/embodiment contributes to increase our HRV
  • Biofeedback exercises & Bilateral work with Trauma survivors
  • Understanding a wider view of trauma - childhood, hormones, brain chemistry, ancestry, epigenetics, & parts work
  • Somatic markers, felt sense, embodied compass, somatic compassionate inquiry, ability to name somatic sensations and emotions
  • Sequencing for the 5 koshas (Pañcamayas)
    • How to facilitate prana in order to thrive
    • How the arc of practice can help determine a positive outcome
    • Movement has meaning
    • Purposeful action through āsanas
  • Looking at reclined, prone, seated, standing, inversions and arm balances each through the 5 koshas (Pañcamayas)
  • Looking at backbends, forward folds, twists, lateral stretches all through the 5 koshas
  • Bilateral stimulation techniques & education on corpus callosum damage from trauma
  • How to facilitate a Breathwork experience
  • Vagal toning/Neural Toning/Vocal Toning & Touch For Emotional Regulation and Vagus Reset
  • Dissolving The Freeze State through pelvic floor toning, Pelvic floor and nervous system connection
  • Myofascial unwinding - intuitive intelligence and movement
  • Functional movement exercises & transitions in asana
  • Embodied Anatomy - recognizing the held shape and foundational practices for inviting a new form
  • Prescriptive langhana, brahmana and samāna practices
  • Social Justice:
    • Public health models
    • Policy change & system dismantling through Yoga
    • Diversity, equity & inclusion
    • Appropriation versus appreciation
    • Disability Awareness
      • Accessible Yoga Asana (Working with All Bodies, Chair Yoga, Bed Yoga)
  • Leadership in the modern yoga industry
  • Business building focus, crafting a mission statement and business plan
  • Practical tools and tangible action items to create a fruitful career in the yoga/trauma world.


Mar de Jade’s beautiful natural surroundings and serene atmosphere makes for a magnificent travel experience if you love being immersed in nature. It is situated at the foothills of a tropical jungle, between the mountains and the warm shores of the pacific ocean. You will hear birds each morning and the ocean waves throughout the day.


Chacala is the most pristine and picturesque bay in the Riviera Nayarit , with golden sand, coconut trees, and palapa (thatched-roof) restaurants along the shore, surrounded by tropical jungle mountainsides. Home to approximately 400 residents, the town’s unhurried lifestyle is complemented by the welcoming and friendly attitude of locals.


Mar de Jade is a place for rest where you can unplug! There is WiFi in common areas — the dining room, guest lounge, and bar, and there is no WiFi in the guest rooms.


Mar de Jade sits on the shores of Playa Chacala. The town and surrounding areas have much to offer including:

  • Jungle Hikes
  • World Class Surfing
  • Discovering Ancient Petroglyphs
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayakiing
  • Swimming & Beaches


Getting there:


The closest airport is Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR), in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Mar De Jade is 90 minutes from Puerto Vallarta! Reach out to Mar De Jade and have them set up your shuttle at taxi@mardejade.com!

Mexico 200hr Training Map


What a potent time in the world to feel the call to become a yoga teacher! The journey begins right here and right now - searching the internet for a unique experience that sparks your destiny’s curiosity. The call to break free from the mundane and step into transformation! You are here for a reason.


There’s no question that we offer experiences that gift students with so much more than just a certification. We receive this question all of the time: “What makes your yoga school unique?” We’ve broken it down into 8 Reasons Why School Yoga Institute is Unique.


Our school is deeply influenced by Peruvian Shamanism and the Native American Medicine Wheel. This is a significant reason why many say that SYI is much more than just a yoga teacher training. We provide students with a spiritually driven course that goes far beyond Asana (the physical postures of yoga). Through shamanic medicine wheel and ceremonies, we connect to the shadows of our past to understand how our patterns shape and feed our current state and perspective. We develop powerful inner tools and rewrite the personal narratives that keep us stuck, giving way to a new perspective and lasting change in our lives.


School Yoga Institute started over 18 years ago and has contributed to hundreds of lives being transformed along the way! As a spiritually focused organization, we are built upon a foundation of love, radical self-acceptance, personal growth, and deep connection. Our Alumni family is vast and continues to blossom throughout the world. Once you complete an SYI course, you’re family for life! We feel honored to do this work and continue to be inspired by each student and the uniqueness of their story.


We recognize that yoga should be accessible to every body! Wherever there is inequality, there is work to do. We offer yoga scholarships for all of our yog a teacher training programs and SYI is committed to amplifying and empowering the voices of people of color and folks who identify as BIPOC, LBGTQIA+, and members of marginalized communities.


“We want your voices in our community. We want your radiance in our soul family. We are ready to welcome you just as you are.” - Brooke, Visionary Team


As an organization, we are very selective about the sacred locations we choose to host our YTTs. We are grateful and humbled to hold these courses around the world on many different continents. We want the people who have grown up in these communities to have a chance to experience our programs at a discounted rate, so we offer 50% off for anyone who is from each location. For example, if you are from Central America, you have access to our programs in Guatemala and Costa Rica at a 50% tuition discount!


We truly can’t say enough about our incredible yoga facilitators. Like our course offerings, our facilitators are located all around the globe! Each one of our diverse world-class facilitators has completed a 300hr YTT and offers a plethora of experience and wisdom. We wouldn’t be who we are without them!


We offer continuing education courses both in-person and online! Our programs include Yin Yoga, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga. We offer these courses in Portugal, Panama, Spain, and more! We are all students at heart and it’s important that we continue to learn and grow with one another!


What can we say! We love our team and we love what we do! If you have ever sent us an e-mail, requested a phone call, or reached out with questions, chances are you’ve heard back from our co-owner and operator, Keri Pennell!


Keri, and Co-Owner and facilitator Jed Pennell, pour their hearts and souls into this community and deeply care for each student’s journey and experiences. We call Keri our Mystical Mama! A vegan chef, wife, and mother of four, Keri’s leadership is contagious and welcoming! She’s joined by an incredibly supportive team of SYI visionaries!


At School Yoga Institute we are grateful to work with numerous international locations as passionate about sustainability as us. In our travels we make an effort to off-set emissions, during our yoga teacher training we provide students with the knowledge, means and opportunity to delve into self inquiry of the impact of their current lifestyle and an introduction to living more sustainably. Click here and read more about Sustainable Living.

Need more information? Have questions about our Trauma-Informed programs?


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