30-Hour Journey To Grace Transformational Tantra Course


Join us for this unique Conscious Communication and Coaching skills training course from the comfort of your home. During this online course, you’ll dive into the experience of tantric empowerment practices and authentic connection.

Through classical Tantric empowerment practices, you can learn to trust yourself to be vulnerable and to use your challenges to connect deeply with others. Being in relation doesn’t have to drain you, you can grow your ability to accept yourself and others in a fully present and loving manner. This can increase your effectiveness and joy as a coach or facilitator as well as a friend, partner, and family member. Experiencing the teaching of this ancient practice opens the heart and mind to understanding the vastness of consciousness in new dimensions.

In this 30-hour Yoga Alliance-certified training we will explore practices that allow us to bring forth 100% of our being to relate to people in a conscious way.

Bringing consciousness to relationships is really giving an invitation, as an act of love, for others to show up as they are, with no expectations of them. And then creating a supportive environment while relinquishing the need to be right or to try to make them feel a certain way. Being able to be generous in your interactions so people feel accepted as they are can relieve a lot of suffering for them and you to hold space in an authentic empowered way.

October 1 – 22, 2024 Tuesdays: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd Live Training Sessions from 1-3 EST

All Levels.

Worldwide recognized Yoga Alliance certificate.

Live Streaming

Throughout the training, you will receive the opportunity to practice the power of authentic listening, understanding and using conscious language vs unconscious language, discerning what authentic consent is, and experiencing the freedom and confidence of communicating from fully aligned integrity. Deep peace can be experienced from living in integrity, not portraying yourself in a certain way, or trying to control how others perceive you.

With us you can discover, uncover, or remember the tools to transcend imposter syndrome in your communication using tantric embodiment practices; allowing humble relating to others, closing the distance between you as coach/facilitator, and them as the client. The freedom gained from these practices will enable you to speak your truth, invite others to speak theirs, and truly listen while holding space for them. When confidence in communication and holding space comes from being with what is, and surrendering the need to have a specific outcome, then insecurity fades away.

Within School Yoga Institute’s focus on combining Earth medicine and Yoga, you will journey through the elements as a way to connect to your deeper essence. Together we will move through the elements named within the yogic tradition, as well as the 5 koshas of the Upanishadic texts. This training is not only about learning new skill sets, it is also an exploration and expansion of your inborn potential — it calls you into being truly yourself while stepping into your unique light.

You will leave the training with deep trust and understanding of Classical Tantra and its roots. Unshakeable confidence. Highlights of the Conscious Communication Training:

  • Understand transformational tantric embodiment practices
  • Practice genuine listening, consensual, and nonviolent communication
  • Improve coaching/facilitation connection and confidence
  • Distinguish transactional and non-transactional relationships
  • Energetically allow others to be accepted as their full selves
  • Neotantra (Western misinterpretations of tantric sexuality) vs classical tantra teachings
  • Learn to hold space without the expectation/desire for specific outcomes

Thrive in a supportive environment of others learning to build these skills and create deep relationships with other practitioners for friendship and moral support in taking your new skills into the world.


Coaches, facilitators, and yoga teachers can all benefit from learning how classical tantra gives us a framework for understanding how to use modern yoga as a healing modality and to move prana. This work is for those who want to learn to view vulnerability as an energetically powerful opportunity to show up exactly as we are and to offer the freedom for others to do the same.

Join us in authentically stepping into your power through conscious relating and learning how to empower those around you to do the same.

Through our wounds is where we find our medicine, through connection we find freedom.


  • Asana, meditation and pranayama practice
  • History of TANTRA
  • Theory: Neuroscience and Health
  • Sankalpa – Intention setting
  • Coaching and deep listening skills
  • Introduction to different communication techniques
  • Introduction to Ancient Scripture
  • Introduction to Elemental Practices
  • Developing a Home Practice
  • Creating safe and transformative spaces
  • Discovering your superpowers
  • Combining Facilitation skills with your yoga classes.


October 1- October 22 – 2024 with Krystalyn & Katie W.

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