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Pregnancy is a very sacred time in a woman’s life. Life is growing inside her body and she is a walking, breathing temple for this life to enter the earthside. Everything she surrounds herself with will ultimately be the beginning of her child’s life experience, and future generations to come. Experience the Magic of Transformation!

Mystical Womyn Prenatal training is more than a Prenatal Yoga & Postnatal Teacher Training Course, it is an opportunity to dive deep into the experience of what it really means to be pregnant, in all of its facets. We uncover the “hidden” mysteries of our cycles and rhythms with the earth, moon, and universe.

We live and breathe each of the four phases or trimesters during pregnancy and motherhood while in tune with the four directions of the ancient medicine wheel. Every aspect of pregnancy and pre and postnatal yoga will be incorporated with the goal of feeling fully confident to work with this very special population.

We invite all yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, birth workers, nurses, mothers, or ANY BODY wanting to learn more about this sacred time.

March 22 – March 29, 2025

10-15 students.

8 days.

3 high vibrational vegetarian meals per day / Vegan meals available.

All Levels.

Worldwide recognized Yoga Alliance certificate.

Mystical Yoga Farm (MYF), Lake Atitlan


You are the expression of the divine within all of us. You walk on the Earth gently with beauty and grace. You know the world is your creation as you dream your world into being. You know your true soul’s purpose and lives each day blossoming into the path you are meant to walk. You are in harmony with the natural rhythms of life and the cycles of the moon, oceans, and stars. You walk barefoot on the moist Earth and see clearly through the dark, embracing the sweetness of the air as the sun sets and the silence of the night reveals its secrets.

A woman’s womb is the ultimate source of creativity, the dynamic flow of life force energy. The sacredness of her nature is expressed through love and magnified in her relationships with others and the natural world.

When she becomes pregnant with the life of a baby within, she radiates as she has never before. Her aura glows and vibrates with her two heartbeats and is felt from all that surrounds her. The wisdom within her ripens as her belly becomes full. This ancient knowledge seeps into her skin from the soil beneath and dances out in the harmony of her voice, felt in the warmth of her actions, and is known in the child within. This child is born into the life of a sage.

We invite all yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, birth workers, nurses, mothers, or ANY BODY wanting to learn more about this sacred time.


Learn to teach yoga to pregnant women, support them through pregnancy and birth, and be a part of raising consciousness in our future generations.

In this Journey, we will flow through the trimesters as well as through the Peruvian Medicine Wheel as we dive into the Divine Feminine and Mother Archetype. As we move through our own transformations we reveal what it is we are called to share with the future children of the world, inside of the pregnant mother.

Mothers hold the seeds of the next generation of conscious creators inside the heart of their wombs, making it imperative for us to hold space for this transformation. Within this very sacred time of being pregnant a mother is a moving temple and all that she thinks, eats, and does is imprinted on the baby inside of her. Yoga provides a precious gift of translating that sacredness into everyday life and into the baby within, motherhood and beyond.

Yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, birth workers, nurses, mothers, or anyone wanting to learn more about this sacred time, are all invited to share in this Mystical Womyn Journey.

We will be joined by midwives as they share their wisdoms, all called to this way of life by their dreams. We will also be connected to Midwives in the Western World as they share their own wisdoms of being with pregnant women before, during, and after birth.

You will leave this training feeling empowered and prepared to guide pregnant women on their journey, either through yoga classes or in a support role. As well as gaining in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the fundamentals of building a safe prenatal class and the importance of nutrition, we will break down numerous common poses in detail. We will also explore the importance of ancient wisdoms, such as placenta as medicine and undisturbed birth. This training is a merging of the heart and science of becoming a mother and how yoga can serve as both.


Following my own postpartum journey I have felt a strong desire to provide a space, a community where women feel safe to share as they learn about all the newness of motherhood. In today’s society, in America especially, postpartum in particular can be a lonely experience for mothers that are not surrounded by family or other mothers like our ancestors were. My goal now that I am certified in prenatal and postnatal is to provide a circle where women can share anything. A place where we share birth stories and new life as we move again and learn about our bodies after having a baby. A place to feel less isolated.”

“After my own experience having a baby and taking Prenatal/Postnatal with SYI and Mystical Mamas, I am very called to help women find their own voice in their postpartum journey, find themselves after having a baby as they navigate new motherhood and allow women to have some time just for themselves. A mom group meets yoga class for anyone postpartum. A no holds barred crew where we are not trying to get our pre baby body back but instead are learning about our post baby self as we move our bodies.”


Mystical Womyn Yoga is the yoga of spiritual practice. True to its Mystical Mama roots, this prenatal practice is derived from different yoga traditions, such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda and Iyengar. It is designed beyond form and tradition and aims to encompass the essence of yoga and spirituality as a practice of Union. We guide each class with ease, intention and with the highest regard for the pregnant mother.

We focus on the roots of our yoga tradition, where yoga is used as an instrument to reveal the truth of our existence as spiritual beings. Our Yoga Teacher Training is a holistic program; to understand Yoga you must first understand Self… body, mind, and spirit. We use the four directions of the Native American Medicine wheel as a guide and foundational structure for the course. Within each direction, we will focus on different types of movement, nourishment and meditation to meet the mother Goddess. We bring to life the ancient teachings of wise wimyn all over the world, through accessible and intuitive based teaching methods.

During the teacher training program you will:

  • Work through the traditional Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Wheel in a process of embodying the transformation that a pregnant womyn undergoes.
  • Learn tools to modify numerous yoga poses to accommodate mother at differing stages of gestation through detailed anatomy and physiology modules, as well as guidance and feedback on creating your own unique sequences.
  • Continue to live the yogic lifestyle, improve your personal practice and develop a deep appreciation for the role of Mother and the Goddess archetype.
  • Incorporate daily Meditation, Pranayama and Asana specific to prenatal fertility.
  • Explore the Art of Teaching through interactive daily workshops and learn through regular peer-teaching starting day one.
  • Hone in on the art of creating sacred space and honoring the divine feminine through Ceremonies of the Blessing Way, the Birth Labyrinth, belly casting, henna painting, sacred pregnancy and birthspecial songs, poetry, mother art, natural self care and creative writing.
  • Participate in daily Satsang, evening gathering, and learn traditional Kirtan chants from India and the rest of the world
  • Study the wisdom passed down from the sages on topics pertaining to pregnancy and birth through our Tea With The Sages module. Daily discussions based on material from our recommended reading list.
  • Learn the ancient art of placenta medicine, as well as how to create a 30 day baby moon for mother and baby.
  • Explore yoga for labour preparation and poses for birth.
  • Discuss the important roles that birth partners play in the mother’s life, as well as creating conscious community, sisterhood and a sense of belonging. Mothers must be mothered in order to mother their babies.
  • Discuss how to support a womyn through infertility, miscarriage and infant loss, using our knowledge of yoga, meditation, ritual, ceremony, self care and community.

This comprehensive program will leave you feeling fully empowered to not only guide a pregnant mother through a safe and effective yoga experience, but to walk with her on this most sacred transformational journey.


  • 6:30-7:00 a.m. Guided/Self Meditation
  • 7:00-9:00 a.m. Asana
  • 9:00-10:00 a.m. Breakfast Nourishment
  • 10:00-11:00 a.m. Anatomy/Physiology
  • 11:00-1:00 p.m. Special Topic (Sacred Fertility, Nutrition, Miscarriage, World Traditions, Maternal Positioning, Cacao Workshop, BlessingWay, Placenta Medicine, etc.
  • 1:00-3:00 p.m. Lunch Nourishment & Self Sadhana
  • 3:00-5:00 p.m. Art of Asana
  • 6:00-7:00 p.m. Dinner Nourishment
  • 7:00-8:00 p.m. Satsaung/Evening Ceremony


This price includes a 7-day and 6-night stay, tuition, course certificate, manual, rooming, and locally sourced meals.

  • $1,550.00 – Pre & Postnatal shared room
  • $1,750.00 – Pre & Postnatal private room all meals
  • All prices are in USD.

Note: Prices above do not include travel, additional reading materials or extras. We can help you with any travel questions as well as travel insurance.

Email to learn more about scholarships and payment options


March 22 – March 29, 2025 with Gabriella


The Mystical Yoga Farm is blessed to be nestled in the forest on the shores of sacred Lake Atitlán, between three magnificent volcanoes. Their peaceful refuge provides a safe container for healing, growth, and empowerment. MYF is an off-grid spiritual sanctuary focused on healing, transformation, and empowerment. Through the practice of yoga, ceremony, and permaculture we co-create a thriving community environment that is in harmony with nature. We strive to regenerate Mother Earth and to inspire the creative life force in all of our guests.

At Lake Atitlan, through transformational experiences, plant-based diet, yoga, and community we co-create a sustainable and regenerative way of living. We strive to have a lasting positive impact on all who come to this sacred land. Our guests leave inspired to spread the love and healing to their local communities, thus co-creating a new way of being… a New Earth! Lastly, by working with our local staff, we support the Tzʼutujil Mayan community by providing education, jobs, resources, and a loving international family.

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