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MEET Ashley Seymour

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher & Level 2 Reiki Practitioner


Shortly after Ashley began her personal practice, she knew she wanted to share and hold space for others to unfold in their own personal transformation. Ashley has trained with Frog Lotus Yoga and School Yoga Institute to receive her 500 hour teacher training certification. This path has also led her to become a Reiki level 2 practitioner and trauma sensitive trained instructor.


Ashley’s teachings focus on intuitive and energetic practices, based on the needs of the class or individual. After a trip to Peru for her 300 hour training she deepened her relationship to energetic healing and incorporates these techniques not only in her Reiki sessions but weaves these lessons into her classes and workshops.


Ashley emphasizes the importance of meditation. Connecting first to the energetic movement of the breath through the spine and becoming intimate with the qualities of the mind and emotions. Ashley highlights the importance of becoming aware of our emotional, mental, and energetic state so when moving deeper into the practice there is presence for releasing any blockages, patterns of the mind, emotions, or limitation that are no longer in service of our highest good. Ashley has experienced that the body holds imprints from our past and through the physical practice one begins to unravel these tensions and release even deeper when focused, present, and connected with the rhythms of the breath. Yoga is Ashley’s creative expression. It is how she dances with the Divine, vibrates with mother earth, and honors all other creative forces. Ashley share’s her heart in every class, holding space for others to find their Divine connection to Spirit.


Yoga is Ashley’s practice for each moment, a deeper reflection of how she speaks, thinks, feels, acts, loves, eats, and so on! Besides asana, Ashley loves to be in the sun, travel, hike, camp, be with family, cook food, share Reiki, journal, guide meditations and ceremonies, share life with her partner, laugh, communicate and connect.

What inspires you in your practice?


Deep release, a letting go, surrender. The sacred rhythm of breath. Peace, presence and awareness. This practice is a reminder of my truth instead of being wound up by the illusions/misconceptions within my own mind. Each time I come to my mat in sacred presence I hope to bring that space of humility and acceptance into every aspect of my life. This practice is ever present, and there will always be more to learn. The journey of self-discovery keeps me plenty entertained!



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“Tell me,

what is it youR plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

― Mary Oliver


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