B.A, RYT 500, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, YTT Facilitator.

Brooke Alexander is a Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, a Transformational Group Facilitator, and an Integrative Health & Well-Being Coach. She is a naturally gifted space holder who has committed her life to empowering others on their healing journey of heart, mind, body and soul.


Brooke completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training with School Yoga Institute in Bali in 2017 and completed her 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Yoga Psychology with Ashley Turner. Over the years, she has invested in many hours of trauma-informed trainings, including yoga for addiction, anxiety, depression, and disordered eating. She is currently enrolled in a year long graduate level program with Dr. Gabor Mate, studying powerful therapeutic approaches for healing trauma and understanding mental and physical illness.


Brooke works at a therapy center where she specializes in teaching yoga and mindfulness to teens and adults with eating disorders, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and a variety of other mental health challenges. Additionally, as the co-founder of Becoming Mentorship, she facilitates healing, transformational, and empowering programs and retreats.


Brooke's mission in life is to remain in service of all beings by holding a space of unconditional love and strength for the entirety of each individual’s unique process and transformation. She feels honored to serve individuals as they uncover the radiant perfection of their true nature and step into their power.

What’s your favorite pose?


Sleeping Pigeon



What’s your favorite quote?


“What I want to say to you, my dear, is this: Just for today, live the passionate truth of who you are. Stop looking at what is undone, what you haven’t achieved, where you’ve fallen short. Look, instead, into your own full heart. If your journey brings you to a choice between love and fear, choose love. Vulnerability is its own grace and its own gift. Offer it. Be brave enough to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be seen – dancing, and falling, and failing, and trying again. You are loved, and all that you have to offer is deeply needed. Your own presence is a force for healing. Be present. There is more going on than you know, more guidance and support surrounding you than you can even begin to imagine. Trust it. Your own strong roots are in place – in your own body, in the earth, in the ongoing story of your life, just as it is. Put your faith in those roots and allow yourself to go with the flow. Let go and breathe into the goodness that you already are. Move with the current, not against it. Resist nothing. Let life carry you. You have work to do. Begin it.” – Katrina Kenison



What inspires you in your practice?


My practice is inspired by the power yoga holds to heal on an individual and collective level. A teacher of mine in Peru said that the only path in life is the path of healing ourselves. I agree full-heartedly. The emotions that we struggle with the most, are the ones that are trying the hardest to heal us. And when we heal and deepen our relationship with ourselves through this sacred practice, we heal our families, we heal our friends, we heal our communities, we heal the world.


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